About Outlook on the web at IU

Outlook on the web uses the IU Login service. If your web browser already has an active login session for another IU account, you must first log out of your active session by closing all open browser windows or tabs. Then re-open your browser and log into Outlook on the web with the appropriate IU username and passphrase. (Alternatively, you could use a different browser or a private browsing window/tab to log into Outlook on the web.)

If you have an Exchange account at Indiana University, you can use Outlook on the web (formerly OWA) to securely access your IU Exchange mailbox anywhere from any computer connected to the internet, without having to configure Microsoft Outlook or another email client.

The Outlook on the web interface provides basic email functionality from a secure site, and looks and feels similar to the Outlook application. You can send and receive messages and attachments, create folders and organize messages within the folders, view calendar appointments and contacts, look up names in the IU Global Address List (GAL), set up the Out of Office Assistant, and send instant messages.

The first time you log in, you'll be prompted to set your time zone. (Most of Indiana observes Eastern Time.) By default, Outlook on the web will open the Inbox folder; you cannot change this. As a security measure, your session will time out after six hours of inactivity.

Outlook on the web has the same functionality across major browsers in most cases. For help using Outlook on the web, in your Inbox, select ? (question mark) in the top right.

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