Have your IU-networked computer scanned for security vulnerabilities

Network security vulnerabilities may be unrelated to viruses, and are usually the result of a flaw in the operating system or other software. You should perform a scan of your Indiana University-owned computer when you install a new operating system, or when you install or upgrade networking or other system software.

The University Information Security Office (UISO) provides access to software that can perform an external scan of your computer. UISO requires computers on Office of the Vice President for Information Technology (OVPIT) and UITS networks to be scanned for network security vulnerabilities every 30 days. Computers on other IU networks may also use the scanning service if they are directly connected to the IU network; you cannot have your computer scanned if you connect via a wireless connection or VPN.

If you are currently listed with UISO as a scanning administrator for your computer, you can request a scan at any time. If your computer has never been scanned, you need to request a scan from the UISO. For more, see About vulnerability scanners.

After the University Information Security Office (UISO) security scan of your Indiana University computer is complete, you will receive a summary of the results via email. If the scan reports vulnerabilities for devices assigned to you, visit About vulnerability scanners to evaluate the issues that need to be addressed. The UISO categorizes vulnerabilities as high, medium, and low risks, and urges you to correct high risks within one day, medium risks within one week, and low risks within one month.

If you don't understand the information in the message or the instructions to correct the vulnerabilities, or if you would like information about evaluating your system in detail, email scanner-admin@iu.edu.

UISO proactively scans computers in the UITS Data Centers. To request scanning of any other devices, send mail to scanner-admin@iu.edu.

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