If your ADS domain account is locked

If your Indiana University ADS domain account has been locked, you will receive the following error message when you attempt to log in:

"Unable to log you on because your account has been locked out, please contact your administrator."

An ADS domain account can be automatically locked for several reasons:

  • An incorrect passphrase being used by mapped network drives, mapped printers, wireless network connections, or auto-connect/sync software; this is the most common lock cause.
  • If you have incorrectly entered your passphrase 25 times within 10 minutes while trying to log into the ADS domain, your account will be locked.

    Attempting to use your most recent previous passphrase will not cause your ADS account to become locked. This applies only to your one most recent previous passphrase, not all previous passphrases.

  • If you have changed your ADS domain account passphrase while you were logged into another computer with the same ADS domain account, your account can be locked. In this case, the first computer you were logged into will attempt to renew its authentication using invalid credentials held in a cache. While performing this operation, the account becomes locked.
  • Your account can be locked if you have changed your ADS domain account password while a Microsoft Outlook session using the same ADS account credentials is active. This happens because the Outlook client periodically attempts to renew its connection to the IU Exchange server using invalid credentials held in a cache. To prevent the account lockouts from occurring, close the Outlook session that was opened prior to changing the password.
  • If your computer is not configured to use the NTLMv2 authentication protocol, your account can be locked.

If you need to use your ADS domain account immediately, contact your campus Support Center. If you do nothing, your account will remain locked for a set period of time.

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