Change personalized settings in the IUIE

To personalize the IUIE, after logging in, at the upper right of the screen, click the Personalize icon (a fingerprint). You can edit your phone number and application settings and view your current contact information, IUIE role, association, and campus.

On the "Preferences" page, the "Contact Information" fields ("First Name", "Middle Initial", "Last Name", and "E-Mail Address") are not editable. This information is updated via nightly updates from GDS. To change your preferred contact information, including preferred email, you must go through IU Human Resources.

You can enable or disable five application settings by checking or unchecking them:

  • To receive email about scheduled report objects, check Send me notifications via e-mail. When report output is sent to the Completed Reports folder (located in My Catalog), the report runs in the background, allowing you to continue interacting with the IUIE. If you enable email notification, you will receive email when the report finishes running with a link to the report output stored in the Completed Reports folder.
    You must have this setting enabled to receive the notice that a scheduled report has run, or the error message noting failure for some reason.
  • If you do not wish to see reports you don't have permission to use, check Show me only report objects that I can access. (The default setting is for such reports to be shown, but in a grayed-out font.)
  • To see the technical names of report objects instead of the descriptive label names, check Show technical names in catalogs.
  • To change from the default of Manage mode, check Set 'View' as my initial catalog mode.
  • To receive email notifications about upcoming IUIE outages, training opportunities, and general environment issues, check Receive announcements regarding IUIE outages and training.

The Save button at the bottom of the screen saves your changes, while the Cancel button returns you to the welcome screen (the Home tab).

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