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The Indiana University Information Environment (IUIE) is a centrally maintained, enterprise-wide, web-based operational reporting environment. It provides a collection of reports, tools, and information to assist the university in providing access to institutional data. In the IUIE, a developer creates a report object, and then it becomes available to all authorized IUIE users.

All IUIE users can see all the report objects in the Master Catalog, but not all users have access to all objects. For more, see Request access to a specific report in the IUIE

The IUIE contains institutional data from a variety of categories, including financial, human resource, and student data. The IUIE's goal is to provide the university with a single repository for institutional data and reporting tools.

Developers from various application areas create and publish report objects based on a department's specific reporting needs. The Enterprise Decision Support Services (EDSS) team makes this data available and maintains the IUIE. From the Master Catalog or My Catalog, IUIE users can view or execute reports using report objects.

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