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  • Taskstream is only available to students enrolled in the Schools of Education on the Bloomington, IUPUI, South Bend, and Southeast campuses.

    Those at IUPUI who are not affiliated with the School of Education no longer have access to Taskstream; for other options, see About the Taskstream transition at IUPUI.

  • The School of Education at Bloomington creates Taskstream accounts for their students. They do not need to create a Taskstream account via Canvas.
  • If you receive a message indicating that your account has expired when you attempt to log in, contact the Taskstream Coordinator for your campus. If you are currently enrolled at IU and covered under the current license agreement with Taskstream, arrangements will be made to reactivate your account.

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If you've been asked to create a Taskstream web folio for one of your classes, your instructor may also require you to provide the URL for your web folio as the submission to a Canvas assignment. Before you can do this, you first have to publish your web folio in Taskstream. Once you've published your web folio, you can provide the folio URL (and optional password) as a Canvas assignment submission. See below for instructions.

Make sure you don't share the URL for the "preview" version of your web folio with others. Preview links expire after a short period of time and are not meant to be used for sharing.

Publish your web folio in Taskstream

You can publish a Taskstream web folio at any time. To publish a web folio:

  1. Log into Taskstream via the IU Taskstream login page. For other login options, see Log into Taskstream.
  2. In the global navigation menu, click Folios & Web Pages.
  3. From your list of folios, locate the folio you want to share and click Edit.
  4. At the upper right of the tabbed web folio management menu, below the global navigation, click Publish/Share:
    Taskstream menu bar with publish/share button highlighted

    You'll see the "Publishing and Sharing Options" screen.

  5. On the "Publishing and Sharing Options" screen, click Publish. You'll see a screen with a "Publish Options" area where you can make selections if you wish:
    • To customize the last part of your URL, in the "Create a Customized Web Address:" field, replace the default name with your preferred name. Use only letters, numbers, and dashes; spaces and slashes are not permitted.
    • To make your web folio available to anyone who has the URL, in the "Create a password:" field, select No password needed. Alternatively, to password protect your folio, select Require password: and enter a password consisting of at least four characters, letters and numbers only.
  6. To complete the publishing process, click Publish.
  7. You'll see a confirmation page that displays the full URL for your web folio, as well as its password if you set one.
    Once your folio has been published, its full URL and password will appear on the "Publishing and Sharing Options" screen, so you can view the URL and password at any time by following steps 1-4 in Publishing your web folio in Taskstream.

For more about publishing Taskstream web folios, see pages 26-31 of the Folios & Web Pages guide.

Submit a web folio to a Canvas assignment

To submit your web folio to a Canvas assignment, copy the URL from the "Publishing and Sharing Options" screen in Taskstream (see step 4 above) and paste it into the "Website URL" field in Canvas. If your folio has a password, share the password with your instructor in the comments field. Then, click Submit Assignment:

Canvas website URL assignment submission page

Unpublish your web folio in Taskstream

You can unpublish a Taskstream web folio at any time. However, your web folio must remain published for your instructor to view it. If you unpublish it before your instructor opens your submission, the instructor will receive an error message.

To unpublish your web folio:

  1. Follow steps 1-4 in Publishing your web folio in Taskstream.
  2. On the "Publishing and Sharing Options" screen, click Unpublish.
  3. You will be asked to confirm your selection. Click OK to unpublish the folio or Cancel to leave the folio in a published state.

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