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  • Taskstream is only available to students enrolled on the IUPUI campus and in the Schools of Education on the Bloomington, Kokomo, South Bend, and Southeast campuses.
    IUPUI's license agreement with Taskstream (which covers faculty, staff, and students at IUPUI and IUPUC) ends on September 30, 2019. For details, see About the Taskstream transition at IUPUI.
  • The School of Education at Bloomington creates Taskstream accounts for their students. They do not need to create a Taskstream account via Canvas.
  • If you receive a message indicating that your account has expired when you attempt to log in, contact your campus Support Center. If you are currently enrolled at IU and covered under the current license agreement with Taskstream, arrangements will be made to reactivate your account.

There are several different ways to log into Taskstream, but some methods only work with specific account types. The following chart indicates which method(s) to use; instructions for each login method are below. For more about account types at Indiana University, see IU account types and abilities.

Account type IU Login (formerly CAS) Canvas Taskstream website
IU Network ID Yes Yes Yes
IU group account No Yes Yes
IU Guest account No Yes Yes
External (non-IU) account No No Yes

Via IU Login (formerly CAS)

This login method only works for IU Network ID accounts.

  • You must already have created a Taskstream account to use IU Login (formerly CAS). To create an account from within Canvas, see Create a Taskstream account via Canvas. Faculty and staff can also create accounts by sending email to ephelp@iu.edu. For more, see About Taskstream Learning Achievement Tools.
  • The email address in your Taskstream account must take the form username@iu.edu, even if this is not your primary email address. The email field for all IU Taskstream accounts has been updated to use this address. If you change it to an address with a campus domain (for example, username@indiana.edu, username@iupui.edu), you will lose the ability to log in via IU Login (formerly CAS).

To sign in via IU Login (formerly CAS):

  1. Go to IU's Taskstream launch page at https://uits.iu.edu/taskstream.
  2. Click Log in.
  3. Sign into IU Login (formerly CAS) with your IU username and passphrase.

A successful login will take you to your Taskstream dashboard. If you log in successfully but have not yet created a Taskstream account, you will receive an error message.

Via Canvas

If Taskstream has been added to your course as an external LTI tool, you can log in directly from Canvas by clicking the Taskstream link in the course navigation. If you already have a Taskstream account, you'll be taken directly to your personal Taskstream home page. If you don't have an account yet, you'll be prompted to create one; for instructions, see Create a Taskstream account via Canvas.

If Taskstream is not an option in the course navigation menu, the instructor may need to add it. For instructions, see How do I manage Course Navigation links?

Via the Taskstream website

Logging in via the Taskstream website works for all account types, provided you already have a Taskstream account. For details about setting up a Taskstream account, see Getting started with Taskstream.

If an account was created on your behalf at the request of someone in your department, you should have received an automated welcome message with a link to complete your registration. The first time you log in, you must use the link in the email. Thereafter, follow these instructions.

To log in via the Taskstream website:

  1. Navigate to the Taskstream login page at https://login.taskstream.com/signon/.
  2. In the "Username" field, enter your primary IU email address (for example, username@iu.edu, username@iupui.edu, etc. For more, see Your IU email address).
    If you are unable to log in using your primary IU email address, try using the form username@iu.edu as your Taskstream username.
  3. In the "Password" field, enter your Taskstream password. This is the password you entered when you completed your Taskstream account registration. If you don't remember your password, see Set or change your Taskstream password.
  4. Click Login.

A successful login will take you to your personal Taskstream home page where you'll see a list of the programs in which you are enrolled.

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