About Quick Check

Quick Check is a tool for creating inline assessments in Canvas, allowing instructors to integrate frequent low-stakes assessments into their courses. Providing a mix of higher and lower stakes assessments can help instructors get to know students' work, create multiple opportunities for feedback, and deter cheating.

In Canvas at Indiana University, the Quick Check tool is available for all instructors to add to their courses as an external tool. See Exposing and using external apps in your course.

Using Quick Check as an external tool assignment, with content placed in the assignment description, allows integration of content and assessment in a format that is difficult to achieve in Canvas quizzes. Presenting questions as part of the content can be less intimidating to students than more formal assessments, and encourages additional interaction with the content.

Quick Check includes these question types:

  • Multiple choice
  • Multiple correct
  • Matching
  • Matrix
  • Text match (that is, fill in the blank)
  • Multiple drop-downs
  • Numerical

Other features include:

  • Automatic grade passback to the Canvas gradebook
  • Results view with data on student attempts and responses
  • Custom feedback for questions and responses
  • The ability to create sets of Quick Checks, which function similarly to question banks; sets can be used across courses, do not need to be recreated when a course is copied, and can be shared between multiple instructors

For more about Quick Check, see the Quick Check documentation and view this video overview.

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