Review or change your student or applicant personal information

To change your personal information as an IU student or applicant:

  • Primary name (your official name with the university):
    • Enrolled students: If your name has been legally changed or requires editing, file a "Request for Change of Name" form through your campus Office of the Registrar.
      Mail or bring the completed form with your handwritten signature to your Registrar, including the required legal documentation (such as a copy of your Social Security card, marriage certificate, or official court document). Do not send these via email.

      If you are or have ever been employed by Indiana University, even as a work-study employee, please provide documentation, such as a photocopy of your driver's license. If you are or were an IU employee and your marital status has changed, please provide a copy of appropriate documentation. This will be used in adjusting any employee benefits. Contact Human Resources with any questions.

    • Undergraduate applicants: Contact your campus admissions office.
    • Graduate or professional applicants: Contact the office to which you applied.
  • Other personal information (not your primary name):
    1. Go to Personal Information.
    2. Click the desired option at the top of the page, and follow the prompts to edit, delete, or add information:
      • Addresses: Addresses the university will use to contact you, including home and campus addresses
        If you're a former IU Bloomington student who has not been enrolled in any classes for two consecutive terms and whose computing accounts have been disabled, you should instead submit address changes through Student Central on Union's contact form. From the "Topic" drop-down list, under "Student Records", select Update Name or Profile.
      • Names: Your preferred name (the name you prefer the university use when communicating with you), and any other official names you have on file. To have your primary name or legal name printed on your CrimsonCard instead of your preferred name, check the box next to this option.
      • Phone Numbers: Phone numbers the university will use to contact you, including primary, secondary, and cell phones
      • Email Addresses: Email addresses the university will use to contact you, including both your official IU address and any non-IU email addresses you have registered
      • Emergency Contacts: Contact information (name, address, phone number) for any individuals you wish to be contacted by the university in an emergency. This area is only available to be edited by admitted or enrolled students.
      • Demographic Information: Your official information (for example, birthdate, ID number, citizenship)
      • Ethnicity: Information about your race and ethnicity
      • Parent/Guardian Information: Parent or guardian contact information; IU collects legal parent and guardian information for general information and for communication purposes

Students, faculty, staff, and affiliates are listed in the IU Directory if they have a valid IU username and email address (that is, they have created their first computing accounts). The IU Directory updates nightly. After information has populated through various systems, it may take a day for new records to appear.

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