Create your first IU computing accounts (admitted students, faculty, staff, affiliates, and those returning to IU)


You can create your first Indiana University computing accounts if you are:

  • An admitted, enrolled, or distance student:

    You can create your accounts when the system has processed you appropriately; this typically is one day after receiving notice of your admittance.

  • A faculty or staff member whose paperwork has been processed by IU Human Resources (HR)
  • A sponsored IU affiliate
  • Applying to IU:

    After you apply to Indiana University, you will receive email from the Office of Admissions containing your university ID number and instruction for creating your IU username and passphrase, which you can then use to log into One.IU for access to your application status and financial aid information. If you have questions, contact the admissions office for the campus to which you applied.

    Graduate applicants receive their university IDs and instructions for creating computing accounts in email from their individual schools or departments after they are admitted.


Returning to IU: If you are returning to IU after being away, use the process on this page to set up your accounts, even if you still have access to some of the systems you used before leaving IU.

  • If you begin, and the system says you have active accounts, you are all set and do not need to continue.
  • If you try, but the system says you aren't eligible, most likely your status has not yet been completely processed; you should wait two days, and then try again. If you still can't complete the process, contact your campus Support Center.
  • If the system says you don't have an Exchange account, follow the steps in Get additional IU computing accounts to create an Exchange account.

Create your accounts

Allow yourself 10 to 15 minutes to complete the account creation process. Your session will time out if left inactive for more than 15 consecutive minutes, requiring that you log in and begin the process again.

Your accounts should be active within 20 minutes. Since the information must propagate through IU systems, however, it may take up to 24 hours before you can log into some services.

If you encounter a problem with the account creation process, copy the full text of any error message and contact your campus Support Center.

Make sure you know your 10-digit University ID number before proceeding.
  1. Go to Create My First IU Account.
  2. Enter your last name, date of birth, and University ID number in the fields provided. Choose Next.
    If you have multiple unhyphenated last names, enter all of your last names with no spaces between them.
  3. You will see an Acceptable Use Agreement, which contains rules and policies for IT account use at IU. After you have read the Agreement, enter Yes to agree to these policies, and then choose Next.

    All students, faculty, staff, and affiliates must complete the Acceptable Use Agreement every two years. In most cases, an IU Login interrupt will notify you when your previous agreement expires.

  4. Select a username from the available options, and then choose Next.
  5. Enter the passphrase you want to use in both fields, and then choose Next. For information about selecting a valid and secure passphrase, see Your IU passphrase.
  6. Select at least three different passphrase questions from the drop-down list and type the correct answers into the fields provided. If you'd like more questions, choose Add Another Question.
  7. By default, IU provides everyone an email address with the domain. To continue, choose Next.
  8. Select a device to enroll in Two-Step Login (Duo), and then choose Next.
  9. Following the instructions, use the Duo Control Panel to enroll your device, and then choose Next.
  10. The summary provides an overview of your account information. If you've been given an email address, you'll see Exchange as your designated email service. To find out more about IU's IT benefits, choose Getting Started Guide.

Verify your accounts

Allow the system 20 minutes to process before continuing:

  1. Go to Your Accounts.

  2. The following accounts should be listed as "Created":
    • Active Directory Service
    • The email account(s) you created

    If these are not listed after 24 hours, contact your campus Support Center.

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