About OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online file syncing and sharing

OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online allow you to sync files to your desktop and grant other users access to files. Before using OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online, note the following:

  • For security reasons, the SharePoint Online sync button is hidden by default. Do not enable SharePoint Online sync unless you have verified that no data classified as Restricted or higher will be shared on your site and that you followed best practices in educating your users.
  • Never store Critical or Restricted data on individual user workstations or mobile devices (for example, laptops, smartphones, tablets, personal digital assistants, thumb drives) without prior formal written approval and appropriate technical safeguards. See Management of Institutional Data policy (DM-01).
  • Box is the enterprise cloud storage solution at IU and offers file syncing and sharing features. For more about Box, see About Box Drive and Share and collaborate on files with Box.
  • Sharing OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online files outside of IU is not supported. People who receive links to files on an IU OneDrive for Business account or SharePoint Online site will need to sign in with their IU Office 365 credentials. To share files outside of IU, use Box.

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