About CQDM

CQDM (Course Evaluation Data Manager) is a web-based application that facilitates the workflow associated with preparing course and enrollment data for use in the eXplorance Blue course evaluation system (also known as Course Questionnaire, Online Course Questionnaire [OCQ], or Online Course Evaluations [OCE]). CQDM allows campus and academic unit administrators to review all courses and enrollments offered by their unit for a given semester, edit the data provided by SIS, input additional information to facilitate reporting, and flag the courses to be evaluated.

CQDM has three roles:

  • Superuser: Reserved for UITS support personnel; superusers can add and remove campus and department administrators and can view and update course, enrollment, and user data for all campuses.
  • Campus administrator: Assigned to people who coordinate the use of eXplorance Blue for a given campus; campus administrators can add or remove department administrators and can view and update course, enrollment, and user data for their assigned campus.
  • Department administrator: Individuals responsible for ensuring that course and enrollment data in their assigned departments are correct and up-to-date before they are imported into Blue

User guides

Release notes

The maintenance window for the CQDM is Thursday mornings between 5am and 6am. Enhancements and bug fixes pushed to the CQDM production environment are documented in the CQDM Release Notes.

Getting help

Questions about or problems with the CQDM application should be directed to the CQDM Support Team (cqdm-help-l-request@list.iu.edu). Questions about the course evaluation schedule and/or process for your campus should be directed to the individual or group coordinating the eXplorance Blue implementation for your campus.

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