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Official grades

You as the student are the only person who can access your grades. You can, however, print a copy to share, or you can grant others third-party access to your personal information. For more about setting up third-party access, see Allow someone else to view your personal IU information or pay your bursar bill.

To review your final grades in Indiana University courses for individual terms:

  1. Go to View Grades.
  2. Your grades for the current term will display. If you wish to view another term, click Change term, select the term you want to view, and then click Continue.

A blank grade means that the roster for the course has not yet been processed. Most grades are processed a week after the end of final examinations and are available here one day thereafter.

The grade field is blank as soon as you enroll for a semester. If you withdraw from or drop a course after the 100% refund period for the semester, a grade of W will appear.

If you have unfulfilled waitlist requests, they will show on View My Grades (with no grade). These will not show on either your printed official or unofficial transcripts.

For more about grading policies and grade point averages, visit the web page for your campus registrar.

Performance Roster

To view your Performance Roster, follows steps 1 through 2 from the Official grades section above.

Below the "Class Grades" section, you will see a section for "Performance Roster". Any information your instructors entered about your performance will appear in the following assessment columns below each class:

  • Attendance
  • Trends
  • Flags
  • Recommended Action
An instructor can enter your performance for each component of the class (Lecture, Lab, Discussion).

Instructors can submit performance information several times throughout a term. The current display is your most recent performance information. To view previous information for a class, click Performance History.

For more regarding your class performance, contact your class instructor.

Unofficial grades

Some instructors report unofficial grades for individual courses through Canvas, using the Gradebook or View'em.

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