At IU, what is CIS SecureSuite and how do I register?

Indiana University subscribes to the Center for Internet Security (CIS) SecureSuite program (formerly called CIS Benchmarks). CIS SecureSuite provides a number of resources designed to improve security, including configuration benchmarks, automated configuration assessment tools, and security metrics, as well as security software product certifications. You can use CIS resources to help meet compliance requirements for FISMA, PCI DSS, HIPAA, and other relevant statutes or standards. As an IT Pro, you can use benchmarks to improve the security of systems you maintain and help improve IU's overall security.

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IU's SecureSuite membership

IU's SecureSuite membership includes access to the following resources:

  • CIS WorkBench: A website portal that integrates the CIS Controls and CIS Benchmarks communities; you can access forums, various members-only tools, and other resources from the CIS WorkBench.
  • CIS-CAT Pro: An automated tool that assesses system configurations against CIS Benchmarks and provides recommendations to enhance the security of the system
  • CIS Benchmarks: A consensus-based set of industry best practices that helps organizations assess and improve the security of their computer systems; these can be electronically distributed throughout IU.
  • CIS Controls, Metrics, and resources: These tools can be electronically distributed throughout IU.

In addition, SecureSuite resources can be used in the classroom environment for educational purposes and redistributed to enrolled students for use on their laptop and desktop computers.

Registering and learning more

Any Indiana University employee may register for a user account on the CIS WorkBench site. Be sure to use your IU email address when registering for the service.

For registration details and to learn more, see Center for Internet Security Benchmarks on the Protect IU site.

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