Add a Kaltura video to VoiceThread

At Indiana University, you can incorporate Kaltura videos into VoiceThread. This feature allows you to easily use the videos you already have securely stored in Kaltura; also, because the videos are stored in Kaltura, they can be captioned easily.

To use a video from Kaltura in VoiceThread:

  1. Go to VoiceThread, either via your Canvas course or by navigating to
  2. Select Create a VoiceThread.
  3. Select Add Media and then choose Media Sources.
  4. You'll see a list of possible media sources; select Kaltura.
  5. To find the video you want to add to VoiceThread, choose Categories, Media I can publish, or Owned by me. It may take a moment for your choices to load.
  6. You can choose to Preview your video, or Import it into VoiceThread. When you import a video, you'll have the option to give it a title, description, or tags; set playback options; and choose cover art.
  7. Close the "Add Media box". If you wish, you can now add more media to your VoiceThread, share your VoiceThread with others, and so on.

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