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UITS Research Technologies will retire Carbonate on December 17, 2023. Carbonate users should plan to move to Quartz or Big Red 200 before the retirement date to ensure that their research continues without interruption. Following the retirement, Carbonate's GPU hardware will be moved to the Quartz cluster, and Research Desktop (RED) will be updated to align more closely with Quartz. The colocation service on Carbonate will not be impacted by this retirement. If you have questions about the retirement of Carbonate, contact UITS Research Technologies.

Following is a selection of IU Knowledge Base documents to help you get started using Carbonate. For additional documentation, search the Knowledge Base.

Accounts, access, and user policies

Programming environment

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Support for IU research supercomputers, software, and services is provided by various teams within the Research Technologies division of UITS.

For general questions about research computing at IU, contact UITS Research Technologies.

For more options, see Research computing support at IU.

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