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System-specific help

Support for users of Indiana University's research cyberinfrastructure is provided by various UITS Research Technologies units.


Before storing data on any of Indiana University's research computing or storage systems, make sure you understand the information in Types of sensitive institutional data appropriate for UITS Research Technologies services.

Make sure you do not include sensitive institutional data as part of a file's filename or pathname.

Research supercomputers

The High Performance Systems (HPS) team operates and supports IU's research supercomputers. For documentation on each system, see:

If you have a system-specific question, contact the High Performance Systems (HPS) team.

Research databases

The Indiana University Research Database Complex (RDC) supports research-related MySQL and PostgreSQL databases and data-intensive applications that require databases. The RDC is strictly devoted to supporting research, and is not an instructional, classroom environment.

UITS Research Data Services operates and supports IU's Research Database Complex (RDC). If you have a question about an RDC account or database, email the RDC Administration team (

Research Desktop ( RED)

The RED development team, part of the Research Analytics and Deep Learning (RADL) unit of Research Technologies, provides support to users of the Research Desktop (RED) graphical desktop service.

If you are using Research Desktop (RED) and need help or have questions, use this form to contact the Research Desktop development team directly.

Research storage systems

The Research Storage team operates and supports the Scholarly Data Archive (SDA), and home directory and Geode-Project space on IU's research supercomputers. If you have questions about the SDA, or your home directory or Geode-Project space, or need help with HPSS tools, such as HSI and HTAR, email the UITS Research Storage team (

High performance file systems

The High Performance File Systems (HPFS) team operates and supports the Slate, Slate-Project, and Slate-Scratch high performance file systems that are mounted on IU's research supercomputers. If you have questions about using your Slate, Slate-Project, or Slate-Scratch space, contact HPFS using the Research Technologies contact form; from the "Choose an area to direct your question to" drop-down, select High performance storage.

Advanced Visualization Lab systems and facilities

The Advanced Visualization Lab (AVL) team operates and supports advanced media and interactive visualization systems and facilities that help IU researchers extract knowledge from their data, and enable IU students, educators, and artists express their creative visions. If you have questions about using an AVL system or facility, email the AVL at

Software support

Programming tools and scientific, bioinformatics, statistical, and mathematical software

The Research Applications and Deep Learning ( RADL) team manages the site licenses for the scientific, statistical, and mathematical applications available on IU's research supercomputers. If you need help or have questions about using any of the programming tools, or scientific, statistical, or mathematical applications on IU's research supercomputers, contact the UITS Research Applications and Deep Learning team.

GIS software

UITS Geographic Information System (GIS) Services provides access to GIS software, and technical support to users. For technical support or questions about GIS software across all IU campuses, complete the GIS Help form.

Visualization and advanced media software

Advanced Visualization Lab (AVL) consultants help with visualization, interaction, and advanced media software used in AVL facilities. To request help, email the AVL at

Programming support

The Research Applications and Deep Learning ( RADL) team provides programming support to IU researchers, and can help migrate, optimize, and parallelize your advanced scientific code. To request programming support for your research project, contact the UITS Research Applications and Deep Learning team.

For help with programming coursework, contact your instructor.

Short- and long-term consulting

The RADL and AVL teams also offer short- and long-term consulting services to help IU researchers effectively use scientific, statistical, mathematical, bioinformatics, genome analysis, and visualization software. RADL also provides extended consulting for researchers facing complicated, sophisticated programming challenges.

To inquire about RADL consulting services, contact the UITS Research Applications and Deep Learning team.

For more on AVL consulting services, see About the UITS Advanced Visualization Lab (AVL) or email the AVL at

Consulting services are offered to IU researchers as baseline services through university funding without any direct charge. However, consulting services for an extended period of time (over 20 hours) require a signed agreement between the researcher and UITS.

HIPAA security consulting

If you have questions about securing HIPAA-regulated research data at IU, email SecureMyResearch provides self-service resources and one-on-one consulting to help IU researchers, faculty, and staff meet cybersecurity and compliance requirements for processing, storing, and sharing regulated and unregulated research data; for more, see About SecureMyResearch. To learn more about properly ensuring the safe handling of PHI on UITS systems, see the UITS IT Training video Securing HIPAA Workflows on UITS Systems. To learn about division of responsibilities for securing PHI, see Shared responsibility model for securing PHI on UITS systems.

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