About IU's Central License Service

Many software vendors, including Esri, use a third-party application to manage software licenses electronically. This method of licensing ensures that only licensed customers use their products, and that users stay within the terms of their license agreement (for example, product level, number of concurrent users). In order for licensed software to run, a license manager application must be installed on either the client machine or a central server accessible to the computers where the software will be used. Because of the technical support associated with installing, configuring, updating, and maintaining the license manager, it is more efficient to install this application on a centralized server instead of on individual computers. A centralized server allows multiple GIS or remote sensing clients to access the license via a network. For more about remote sensing, see Principles in Remote Sensing.

At Indiana University, UITS staff manages a three-server Unix system to provide automated failover capability. UITS controls access to the Esri centralized license services using an option file (text format). This file lists hostnames, usernames, or IP numbers of users granted access to licenses on the service. The license servers available are as follows:

esri1.uits.indiana.edu (primary)
esri2.uits.indiana.edu (secondary)

To connect to the Central License Service after requesting a license for Esri from UITS, verify the following:

  • You have updated the license pathway on your machine. For Esri, update the ArcGIS Administrator to use esri1.uits.indiana.edu;esri2.uits.indiana.edu as the license server.
  • You are connected to the IU VPN if you are off campus.
  • Your system's DNS suffixes should include uits.indiana.edu. To check your DNS suffixes, see Change DNS server IP numbers in Windows.

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