ARCHIVED: At IU, how can I install Windows XP Service Pack 2 from a CD?

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Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2) can take several hours to download over slower connections. To make installation faster, you can create your own SP2 CD on an on-campus computer with a high-speed connection, or order one free from Microsoft. To save SP2 on a CD for installation on your home computer, do the following:

Note: Before you begin, be sure you are using a computer equipped with a CD-RW or CD-R drive. If you are in an Indiana University Bloomington STC or RTC, for more information, see the Knowledge Base document ARCHIVED: In which IUB STCs can I find removable media devices?

  1. Download SP2 from IUware Online and save it to a convenient location on the local computer. To do this, when prompted from the IUware download page, choose Save As instead of Open.

    Note: If you need them, earlier service packs, as well as service packs for non-English versions of Windows, are also available at IUware Online.

  2. Insert a blank CD-R or CD-RW disc into the appropriate drive.
  3. Right-click the SP2 file, and select Send To, and then select CD-RW Drive or CD-R Drive. Alternatively, drag the file to the CD-RW Drive or CD-R Drive icon in the My Computer window or in Windows Explorer.
  4. Open My Computer (if it's not open from the step above), and double-click the CD-RW Drive or CD-R Drive.
  5. On the left, click Write these files to CD. The CD Writing Wizard will open.
  6. Name the CD whatever you like, and then click Next.
  7. Wait for the CD to finish writing, and then eject it.
  8. On your home computer, insert the CD you created, and then open My Computer. Then double-click CD Drive, CD-RW Drive, or CD-R Drive. To begin installation, double-click the SP2 file you saved.

For more information about Windows XP SP2, visit:

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