ARCHIVED: In which IUB STCs can I find removable media devices?

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The Indiana University Bloomington Student Technology Centers (STCs) offer a wide variety of removable media options. However, in order to offer the broadest possible selection in most STC locations while facilitating a timely transition to newer storage technologies, some technologies are available only in Mac STCs and some only in Windows STCs.

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Note: Cloud storage can be an excellent alternative to removable media:

  • IU students, faculty, and staff are eligible for an account on ARCHIVED: Box at IU. The service is accessible from any browser.
  • IUanyWare's Cloud Storage service permits you to pre-configure your cloud storage options so they will be available every time you login to IUanyWare. Beginning in fall 2012, the cloud storage service will be extended to all Windows STCs.
  • Other popular services for public use are all accessible from your STC web browser.

USB flash drives

All Windows and Mac workstations are equipped with front- or keyboard-mounted USB ports. The accessibility of these ports makes it easy to transport and access your data using USB flash drives. You can purchase these solid-state devices in a wide range of capacities and at prices comparable to or below those of most other reusable removable media. Because these services are ubiquitous throughout the STCs and because USB flash drives are highly reliable, they present a convenient choice for casual storage and transportation of data files.

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Multimedia card readers

UITS is phasing out support for multimedia card readers in favor of personal USB devices (e.g., flash drives). External multimedia card readers remain available in selected locations:

  • Fine Arts 137 (seats 01, 04, 06, 08, 09)
  • Wells Library
  • Lindley Hall 026 (seat 07)
  • IMU 098 (seat 07)
  • Fine Arts 215 (selected 24" Dell multimedia monitors have card readers)

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CD drives

Note: You can record all recordable CD media types in the STC DVD drives.

Because of their high capacity and low cost, compact discs (CDs) have been the mass-storage media of choice for both Windows and Mac STCs for many years. With a useful storage life of twenty years or longer, and a capacity of 650-700 MB, CD media include:

  • CD-ROM (read-only, pre-recorded; includes music and software CDs)
  • CD-R (write-once, suitable for long-term storage of file backups)
  • CD-RW (rewritable, suitable for transferring files between systems)

Note: Federal and state laws prohibit the illegal duplication of copyrighted materials. UITS will not support the use of duplicated CDs or any other technology for copyright infringement. See ARCHIVED: About copyright infringement in STCs.

Duplicating Services performs CD duplication for campus departments; call 812-855-9337.

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DVD drives

Cosmetically indistinguishable from CDs, DVDs offer up to 4.7 GB of data storage on one side of a disc. Media types include:

  • DVD-ROM (read-only, pre-recorded, including movies and software)
  • DVD-R (write-once, suitable for long-term storage of large backups)
  • DVD+/-RW (competing re-writable standards, suitable for transferring large files between systems)
  • DVD+/-R DL (competing dual-layer, write-once standards for high-volume storage, up to 8.5 GB)

The Mac STCs offer the widest availability of DVD recording tools, including iDVD software from Apple, allowing creation of DVDs up to an hour in length. iDVD uses video in several formats, including QuickTime and multiplexed (also called muxed) MPEG. Apple also offers DVD Studio Pro to record DVD video, but this application is not yet available in the STCs. You can record DVD data using the Toast Titanium software on the workstations. For more, see Apple iDVD.

To bring your video files to the STC workstation, you can download the video file from an online source, create it on the workstation, or import your video file from an external source (such as a DV camcorder or one of the analog VCRs connected to the multimedia computer).

Media Windows STCs Mac STCs
User-accessible USB ports All workstations at all sites All workstations at all sites
Integrated SD card slot Not available
Ballatine Hall 115
Campus View 110
Education 2011
Evermann 121
Fine Arts 137, 215
HPER 155
Wells Library
Lindley Hall 026, 030
Library 401
Music 360, 373
Psychology 120
Collins Smith 8008
Student Building 222
Foster Shea 015
Tulip Tree 102
Radio-TV 250
Wilkie 100
Wright 002
All workstations at all sites All workstations at all sites
All workstations at all sites All workstations at all sites
DVD+/-R DL Not Available All workstations at all sites

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