UITS Advanced Visualization Lab: Systems and facilities

UITS Advanced Visualization Lab (AVL) systems and facilities are provided as an integrated resource by the Office of the Vice President for Information Technology (OVPIT) to promote innovative and impactful research, education, creative activity, and community engagement at all Indiana University campuses. AVL facilities are available at no direct cost for routine use, testing, and demonstration by qualified IU students, faculty, and staff. Some technologies are accessible in centrally located AVL spaces; some are installed in a variety of campus spaces, such as building lobbies and atriums. The AVL also maintains a library of visual technologies available for loan, which complement its central and publicly accessible displays and facilities.

AVL systems and facilities include:

  • IQ-Wall: Large-format, ultra-resolution displays for visualization and collaboration
  • IQ-Table: A 65-inch monitor equipped with multi-touch capabilities for presentation, collaboration, and exhibition
  • Reality Labs: Virtual reality classrooms and community spaces
  • Experimental Virtual and Augmented Reality Systems: A suite of cutting-edge, mixed reality technologies
  • 3D scanning: Systems for digitizing real-world 3D objects
  • Advanced media devices: A suite of prosumer devices for producing 3D videos and capturing high-resolution, interactive panoramic images
  • Science on a Sphere: A spherical visualization display for exhibiting digital art, presenting scientific and informational visualizations, and creating interactive visual experiences

To reserve AVL facilities, systems, or equipment, contact the AVL.


If your work makes use of or otherwise benefits from AVL technologies and/or support, please acknowledge or reference the "Advanced Visualization Laboratory at Indiana University" in any resulting scholarly printed works, web pages, talks, online publications, and/or presentations. The AVL is a unit of the Research Technologies division of UITS and is affiliated with IU's Pervasive Technology Institute (PTI).

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