Student Appointment Schedule (SAS) advisor profile settings

The Student Appointment Scheduler (SAS) lets you create and manage blocks of available time in an online calendar. Students may access this calendar to schedule, cancel, and view appointment times.

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Get started

To get started, ask the person who manages your AdRx profile (your group's advising administrator) to:

  1. Activate the SAS features in your user profile.
  2. Unselect Hide from Student Search (when you're ready for students to find your advisor bio and appointment slots).
  3. Identify the building name and room number for your AdRx profile. This will be the default location for all appointment slots, but you can edit the location for particular meetings in the SAS calendar.

Prepare your calendar

Before setting up your SAS calendar with available appointment slots, complete the SAS Outlook integration instructions to avoid a barrage of meeting requests and updates to your Outlook inbox.

Once you have configured Outlook, go to the "Scheduler for Student" section of AdRx and click Y for SAS Outlook.

Appointment slots and appointments created in your live (production) SAS calendar will only be sent to your Outlook calendar if you click Y. Anything you add to SAS before you allow Outlook will not retroactively be sent to your Outlook calendar.

Profile nicknames

When you access your appointment calendar, you will see your profiles listed under your name. For example, if you advise in two different departments, you may have a separate AdRx profile for each role. When setting an appointment, you can select the appropriate profile.

You may want to create a memorable nickname for each profile so that you can easily identify them. To do so:

  1. Click the profile in AdRx under My Profiles > My Current Profile.
  2. Under "My Profile Settings", click Edit.

    Example: Set profile #1 to Psychology Advisor and profile #2 to Sociology Advisor.

AdRx: My Current Profile - Advisor Bio

When a student selects your name to schedule an appointment, your advisor bio displays beneath your upcoming drop-in hours.

Even if you or your department decide to use another scheduling method, it benefits students if every advisor completes an advisor bio and explains how to make an advising appointment.

To compose your bio information, complete at least the following:

  • The group(s) of students you advise (e.g., honors, economics, pre-nursing)
  • Something about your professional background
  • Contact and scheduling information

Example of a short advisor bio:

I began working at IU-East in 2009 and have worked in Campus Life and University College. Now, I see students in the School of Education. Please schedule an appointment through the Student Appointment Scheduler button. (OR please call XXX-XXX-XXXX to schedule an appointment OR go to this link to schedule an appointment).

If appropriate, you can add something such as:

If none of the available drop-in hours listed above or appointment slots coincide with your schedule, please email ( or call (317-xxx-xxxx).

AdRx: My Current Profile - Scheduler for Student

Use each feature's edit button to set up the following:

  • Allow drop-in appointments: If you select No, students will see a message saying that you don't use drop-in times. If you select Yes, students will see a different message when there are no available drop-in times; you can adjust availability with the Maximum future appointment time setting.
  • Confirmation message: Your customized message to students will be sent from you immediately after they schedule appointments.
  • Maximum future appointment time: The maximum number of days into the future that students can schedule with you (includes weekends). Accepts only numerical values.
  • Minimum future appointment time: The minimum number of hours into the future required between the time of scheduling and the time of the appointment (includes weekend and evening hours). Accepts only numerical values.
  • SAS Outlook integration: Click YES to have all future appointment slots and students scheduling sent to your Exchange account in Outlook. Appointments that are already scheduled will not be added to your Outlook calendar.
  • Appointment reminder message: Your customized message to students that will be sent from you approximately 24 hours ahead of the scheduled appointment.

AdRx: My Current Profile - Search Tags

This section displays your default search tags. You can also add other tags for students to search and find your SAS calendar.

The Office of Completion and Student Success (OCSS) recommends you identify your department/subject area and any area of specialty that would prompt a student to schedule an appointment with you. Be sure to click the Add button for each tag separately.

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