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Policy for cellular devices

Indiana University does not engage in university-paid contracts for cellular devices (including all mobile phones, smartphones, and other electronic access devices, but not including pagers and two-way radios), with the following exception: Since some units have multiple staff sharing a single device for on-call rotations, a number of shared or group devices will remain available via university contracts. Minimal personal calls or contacts are to be made to and from these devices.

The decision to incur business expenses for electronic access devices must be evaluated from a cost/benefit perspective. Units must consider other viable options such as landline phones, pagers, or other less expensive communication devices. Organizations must conduct annual reviews of both the necessity and amounts of such personal plans for business purposes. Termination of additional pay is required if a bona fide business purpose no longer exists.

The approval process must be documented, including both the bona fide business purpose and the amount of additional pay approved (the least amount necessary to accomplish the job).

Pagers and two-way radios are excluded from this policy; university departments may pay for such devices directly. Also, for federal or federal pass-through Contract and Grant Accounts, only shared or group devices are allowed; for additional pay to be considered, the use of the cell phone or electronic access device should be fully devoted to the project, necessary for the project, and included in the approved budget. In cases where it is not in the approved budget, the expense will not be allowable unless approved by Contract and Grant Administration. The bona fide business purpose documentation must be approved annually by Contract and Grant Administration in order for the expenses to be allocable to a Contract and Grant Account.

The full text of the policy is available at Mobile Devices and Internet Access (FIN-ACC-480).

Additional pay for personal plans

University employees required to use such devices for business purposes will obtain personal plans and will be reimbursed by the university via additional pay (salary supplements) in the range of $15-150 per month, based on the unit leader's determination of needed use. Additional pay to employees for such devices must be based on a business need that cannot be accommodated with other less expensive communication devices. The unit leader must approve the issuance of additional pay, in consultation with the fiscal officer. An annual review of the additional pay must be completed by the unit and approved by the unit leader. At a minimum, units should only pay for new or improved equipment every 24 months.

Devices acquired under this policy will be the employee's property, and may be used in any way the employee deems appropriate. Replacement of lost or stolen devices will be the employee's responsibility, and employees must work with vendors regarding matters of insurance, billing, and problems with service.

In order to establish a personal plan with a vendor, approved employees may be eligible for one additional pay that will not distinguish between costs for the service plan and for equipment.

If an employee has approval from the unit leader to have multiple devices, the additional pay can be adjusted for this purpose. The augmented amount, however, cannot exceed the $150 maximum monthly allowance.

Base salaries are not to be adjusted to accommodate reimbursement of additional pay.

Direct payment for cellular phones or other electronic devices is not allowable on Indiana University Foundation accounts.

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