ARCHIVED: Oncourse Email Archive: Overview

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Oncourse is retired. For details, see ARCHIVED: About the Oncourse retirement.

What it does

Each site has a site email address, which you can view via the Email Archive tool. By default, email you send to the site email address is copied to the email addresses of all site participants and owners. All email messages sent to your site's email address are stored in the Email Archive.

Key concepts

Site email address: Site owners create an easy-to-remember email address for the site. To add a different address, from within Email Archive, click Options. (There is no way to remove previous addresses if you do this.)

Email frequency: Site members can use Preferences in My Workspace to choose how often they want to receive email sent to the site's email address: either as it is sent, or in digest mode, with all posts for the day sent in a single email message. See ARCHIVED: Changing notification preferences.

Things to consider

  • Note: You cannot use Email Archive to send mail to particular individuals. To send messages to individual participants or a group, use the Messages tool; see ARCHIVED: Sending, forwarding, and replying to messages.

  • Note: If you use Umail, when you send a message to the address for your Oncourse site, it will appear only in your Sent Mail folder, not in your Inbox. This is due to Gmail settings documented in Gmail Help.

  • You can use any email program to send mail to the email address listed at the top of your Email Archive page.
  • Clicking a column header (From, Subject, or Date Received) will sort the email messages by that header. Click the header again to reverse the order.
  • The Email Archive uses links to handle attachments. Instead of receiving an attachment directly in the body of an email message, you can click a link to view the attachment. This feature helps prevent you from going over quota. Messages sent to site participants indicate if there is an attachment.
  • Note: You cannot use the search feature in sites with more than 3,000 messages in the Email Archive.

Help documentation

For help documentation about the Email Archive, see ARCHIVED: Email Archive.

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