View and pay your IU bursar bill

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  1. Go to View/Pay Bursar Bill (IU Bursar Pay).
  2. Click View/Pay Bursar Bill, and then click Statements.
  3. Click the bill you wish to view.

Authorized third-party individuals

Besides students, others can make payments on a student's bursar bill only after the student has granted that person third-party access.

If a student has granted you third-party access to bursar bill information, to make a payment:

  1. Go to Parent or 3rd Party User Access (Non-students).
  2. On the following screen, enter the student's University ID number, and the third-party access account username and password the student created for you. Click Submit.

    If you forgot your third-party access account password, the student will need to reset it for you by revising your third-party access account.

  3. A new "3rd Party Access" window should appear. Click any of the links to view the student's information. To return to the "3rd Party Access" window, click Return.
  4. Follow the instructions provided to make a payment.
  • Students see the history of all electronic payments processed; third-party users see only the electronic payments they have made.
  • You cannot permanently dismiss notifications that you may see here.

Payment options at each campus (including monthly)

If your account is in good standing, you can pay at least the deferment amount noted on your billing statement each month, rather than the full amount due.

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