About the Windows Hosting Environment

The Windows Hosting Environment (WHE), formerly Consolidated Hosting Environment (CHE), serves a wide variety of web applications and other information system needs for departments on all Indiana University campuses.

Unique features include a Microsoft IIS web server with the ability to serve dynamic web pages written using Adobe ColdFusion, Microsoft ASP, and Microsoft .Net programming languages. Also included is a Microsoft Windows Share with the ability to serve executables and files. The web pages, shared files, and executables hosted in this environment may access data in a Microsoft SQL Server that is part of this environment, or they may use other data stores as desired by the client and acceptable to the provider.

The departments develop and maintain the applications, and UITS provides the hardware, software, and system administration through a combined effort of the Enterprise Web Technical Services, Enterprise Server Administration, Database Administration, and Computer Operations groups. The WHE is a baseline service. There are no fees except for extra resources such as storage. Extra resources are billed at the Intelligent Infrastructure rate; see Rates and costs of UITS services.

To request an account on the WHE for departments or auxiliary units, contact WHE Help.

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