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A partnership between Indiana University and Purdue University allows IU visitors to Purdue campuses and Purdue visitors to IU campuses to connect wirelessly, as if on their own campus. The I-Light network connects the campuses to each other and to Internet2.

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Instructions for Purdue users at IU

If you are within range of the AT&T wireless network, you should be able to make a VPN connection to the Purdue VPN server. If you need help connecting to the SSID attwifi, see ARCHIVED: Free connections to AT&T wireless for visitors to IU. Then start your Purdue VPN client or connect to one of the Purdue VPN sites:

This connection allows only access to Purdue resources, not to the internet in general.

If you are a Purdue affiliate and need internet access or need assistance with the Purdue VPN site or Purdue VPN client, contact ITAP using one of the methods listed at Purdue University Information Technology.

Wireless access is widely available on IU campuses.

Instructions for IU users at Purdue

If you have used your computer to access IU's wireless network using IU's VPN, you will be able to connect via the wireless network at Purdue University without changing your configuration. The Purdue network is named PAL2.0-Instruction, and if you are within range of this network, you should be able to make a VPN connection to IU the same as you would using wireless at IU.

If you are not within range of the PAL2.0-Instruction network, you may see a window telling you that none of your trusted wireless networks are available and asking if you want to associate with some other network (i.e., not PAL2.0-Instruction). Answer No; other networks are not supported and you will not be able to connect with your IU credentials. Also, in Windows, if your device is set to automatically join any available network, you may find yourself connected to a network other than PAL2.0-Instruction. Such a network will not be supported.

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