ARCHIVED: Using Oncourse, how do I change the name of my site?

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Oncourse is retired. For details, see ARCHIVED: About the Oncourse retirement.
To complete these procedures, you must be assigned a role having the necessary permissions. If you're not sure what your role is, see the "Role" column in the Roster tool. For permissions, see ARCHIVED: What can I do in read-only Oncourse?

Note: The following refers to changing the name that appears on your site's tab, or in the list of additional sites for those that don't have tabs. To set an alias to replace the siteID of any type of site, see ARCHIVED: Determining your site's siteID.

Course and practice course sites

Once your course or practice course site is created, you cannot change its name on your own. Instead, contact your campus Support Center, and staff there will forward your request to the system administrators.

Project and portfolio sites

To change the name of a project or portfolio site you own:

  1. In your site's menubar, click Site Setup.
  2. Click Edit Site Information.
  3. In the "Site Title" box, type the desired display name.
  4. At the bottom of the page, click Continue.
  5. Review your changes, and then click Finish.

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