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H5P, or HTML5 Package, is a plug-in that allows the creation of interactive content in Pressbooks at IU. With H5P in Pressbooks, you can:

  • Create context for images by adding hotspots
  • Include interactive timelines with your texts
  • Add practice quizzes (fill in the blank, multiple-choice, etc.) to texts delivered in Pressbooks
  • Build and host flashcards and games
  • Enrich videos with quizzes, text, and more
  • H5P activities in Pressbooks cannot currently record or send grades to the Canvas Gradebook, and are therefore most appropriate for practice activities.
  • H5P activities can be exported in bulk (including as part of a text export). You can also download them, then upload them individually to the new text.
  • Not all H5P activities are accessible to individuals using assistive technology. See Content Type Accessibility for the current status of each activity type.

For a list of content types that may be created in H5P with examples, see Examples and Downloads.

Get started using H5P in Pressbooks

  1. If you haven't already, create a text in Pressbooks.
  2. Create your H5P content following the instructions in H5P Interactive Content.

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