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Publish eTexts for purchase

If you wish to publish a low-cost eText you've written in Pressbooks, contact IU Press for assistance. IU Press will work with you to determine deadlines, assist with copy editing, and offer advice relating to layout and design.

Once your eText has been completed, IU Press will work with UITS staff to add your text to the IU eTexts catalog. When the eText ordering window opens, you will be able to assign your text as follows:

  1. Visit Faculty Textbook & Course Materials.
  2. Under IU eTexts, click Order Tool. (If you cannot access this tool, the eTexts ordering window may not be open. For details and timelines, see IU eTexts: A Faculty and Staff Introduction.)
  3. Select your class, search for and choose your eText, and check out.

Your eText will be associated with your course listing in the schedule of classes and will be available in your Canvas site before the first day of classes.

Share no-cost texts

Multiple options are available for sharing Pressbooks texts at no cost to students.


Your Pressbooks text will be available as a website with an address like this:

You have a number of options for sharing this website with others, including:

  • Making your text public: This will make your text available to anyone with the link. If desired, you can make some sections private and others public. See Privacy Settings: Making Parts of Book Private.
  • Making your text public, but password-protecting your chapters: This will allow you to manage access to specific chapters without needing to add individual users to your text. To add chapter-specific passwords:
    1. From your text's Organize menu, select the title of one of your chapters to enter the "Edit Chapter" page.
    2. On the right, under "Status & Visibility", check Require a password.
    3. Enter your desired password in the text box, and click Save.
  • Making your text private and adding individual users: You can add people to your text with varying permissions. This method may work well if you want to add a small number of collaborators to a text. See Users & Collaborators.
    Users must log into at least once before they can be added to a Pressbooks text.


If you wish to share your text in Canvas, you may add a link to the URL listed in the previous section using the Redirect tool or paste a link into your course.


In addition to each of the options above, your text may be distributed in a number of different formats intended for print, e-readers, and more, such as PDF (for print or digital distribution), EPUB, MOBI, etc. For instructions, see Export. Note that the instructions related to upgrading books are not relevant to the IU community: exports from Pressbooks at IU will not include a watermark or ads. If you wish to allow your text to be downloaded by others in your chosen formats:

  1. From your text's dashboard, click Settings.
  2. Next to "Share Latest Export Files", select Yes. I would like the latest export files to be available on the homepage for free, for everyone.
  3. Select Save Changes.

You can also make the exported files available from your preferred file storage option.

For help customizing the format of your exports, see:

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