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The IU Web Framework allows website developers to create custom sections that can be used to embed special interactive content into a page created with IU's Web Content Management System (WCMS).

Add a custom section

The following instructions explain how a website's content manager can add to their page a custom section created by their website's developer.

1. Create an XHTML/Data Definition block with your custom section's Data Definition attached

If your website's developer followed the instructions on creating a custom section, they will have added an option to create a custom section block using the Add Content menu at the top of the page.

Add content

If you don't see an option to create a new custom section block, check with your site's developer.

Make sure to save your custom section block in the same folder as the page to which you want to add it. Give your custom section block a meaningful name, as you'll need to remember it in step 4.

2. Add a new empty section to your page

You can add this empty section the same way you would add an On Page or Attached Section.

3. Set the Section Type to “Custom Section”

Open the Section Type dropdown inside your newly created empty section and choose Custom Section.

Custom Section option

4. Select your custom section block using the block chooser

Click the Choose Block button and select the XHTML/Data Definition block you created in step 1.

Choose Block option

When editing a page that already contains a custom section, you can edit the custom section block by right-clicking the button containing the name of the block and choosing Edit.

Edit custom section block

5. Submit your changes

Your custom section will now appear on the page.

If your custom section uses PHP to fetch data from a database, you may not see that content inside the WCMS. Your site’s developer can provide more information about what should appear in the preview.

Get help

If you need help adding a custom section to a page, you can send a help request to

You can also ask for help from the IU Web Community of Practice.

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