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Owners of frozen file report objects and administrators can upload individual frozen files using the upload option in the IUIE. The Add File Version button and the file version delete action will appear only to these users. Information consumers cannot upload frozen files and are unaffected by interface changes.

By uploading frozen files in the IUIE, you can:

  • Add new frozen files via the IUIE, outside of the DSS/IE move process
  • Replace versions in which errors have been detected
  • Delete versions that should no longer be accessed
  • Perform uploads manually as needed
Versions are named and controlled by the publisher. Uploads are limited by the number of versions to retain and also are controlled by the publisher.

Upload individual frozen files

You can upload a file both for existing and for newly created frozen file report objects. To upload a file for an existing frozen file:

  1. Navigate to the bottom of the existing frozen files view page.
  2. Click Add File Version.
  3. Click Browse..., and then choose your file.
  4. Select a version to name the file.

    To save the file by its name, choose Use Source Filename for File Version Name. To save the file under its current date or some other string, select Save as File Version Name, and then enter the new name.

    Duplication of both file version name and file type (extension) is not permitted. However, you can upload files with the same name if the files have different extensions.
  5. To finish, click Upload.

Manage frozen files

Once you upload a frozen file, the frozen file view page displays an action column listing multiple actions per file.

When working with frozen files, keep the following in mind:

  • You can upload only the number of files the publisher has set to be retained.
  • If you have uploaded the maximum number of files, the Add File Version button will be visible but disabled. If you attempt to upload a file beyond the limit, you will receive an error message.
  • If you have uploaded the maximum number of files, you must manually remove a file before uploading another, or change the file retention value in publishing.
  • If you don't specify an extension when you upload a file, the file will be uploaded with a .txt extension.
  • You can set the name of a file using the rename function. Select the radio button to use the name of the supplied file. Be aware that using the rename function will also change the filename on your local computer.

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