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Planning use of the facilities

Use of the Student Technology Centers (STCs) and Residential Technology Centers (RTCs) by those not otherwise affiliated with Indiana University may be possible if such use is funded by an IU department or student organization, or by an IU-sponsored conference or workshop.

If you are a conference organizer, make your plans early. Students have priority access to the STCs, so plan conference and workshop use when student demand is low. Even then, students must have convenient access to an equivalent STC. Contact your campus registrar's office to request a lab reservation.

To make arrangements for Conference accounts, see About sponsored accounts for conference participants at IU.

Conference coordinators must keep records of all Conference account users. In the case of a security or policy violation, the coordinator must be able to supply identity and contact information for the user of the offending account at the time of the incident, and must assist in problem resolution.

Access to printing

Printing is readily available upon request at IUB. On other campuses, check with your campus Support Center before requesting printing for your participants. If you wish to fund printing for your conference participants, make arrangements for printing when you request your Conference accounts, preferably at least a week before the conference begins.

Two-thirds of conference participants do not require printing during their stay. Of those that do, 85% print fewer than 100 pages.

Wireless printing

Conference attendees who bring their own laptops to campus can print wirelessly from those devices. To do so, they should log into IUware using their conference account credentials, and then search for, download, and install the "IU Print BYOD Packages" print utility. When printing, they'll only be asked for their conference ID, not their password; when releasing a print job, they'll need to enter their conference ID and password at the print release station to release the job.

Network access from campus housing

Access to the IU Guest wireless service is available from selected common areas in campus housing.

If you anticipate that your participants will need access to the wired IU network from their residence hall rooms, or from STCs or RTCs, they will need Conference Accounts. Before participants can access the wired network, they will need to contact their campus Support Center for assistance in registering their computer for wired network use.


For questions or additional information, contact Indiana University Conferences.

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