About sponsoring accounts for conference participants

Conference accounts are for participants of IU-sponsored conferences, workshops, or special programs who need access to secure IU-owned computing resources, such as the wired IU network, the Student Technology Centers (STCs), or network printing services. Conference accounts are for temporary use (typically days or weeks, less than a semester) and then they expire; extensions are not available. Conference accounts are not personal accounts; see IU account types and abilities.

Conference accounts must be sponsored by a full-time faculty or staff member, and must be approved by UITS Accounts Administration. For more, see About conference use of the STCs.

To sponsor Conference accounts:

  1. Go to Conference Accounts in One.IU, and click Start.

  2. Click set up conference accounts.
  3. Enter the requested information about the conference and the resources your conference guests will need. Click Continue.

Once the University Information Policy Office has processed your request, you will receive notification of the account usernames and passphrases available to your conference attendees. If you experience any problems requesting accounts, contact the Accounts Administration team.

Conference coordinators must keep records of all Conference account users. In the case of a security or policy violation, the coordinator must be able to supply identity and contact information for the user of the offending account at the time of the incident, and must assist in problem resolution.

Under Indiana University's Eligibility to Use Information Technology Resources (IT-03) policy:
Sponsors of accounts should weigh the risks of an affiliated user causing harm through inappropriate use of IU information technology resources against the benefits of the user having access. Sponsors are responsible for taking steps to reduce the likelihood of inappropriate use (including appropriate user training). Additionally, prior to requesting the account, the sponsor and the person being sponsored should have a written agreement defining the terms of the affiliation relationship. Any written agreement must comply with university policy FIN-TRE-VI-100, Signature Authority and Delegation. Sponsors should consult with their department or unit on how best to document the user's affiliation with and responsibilities to both IU and the sponsor's department or unit.
For more, see What are my responsibilities as a computer user at IU?

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