About the bl-libg-doghill.ads.iu.edu proxy server

If you're affiliated with Indiana University Bloomington, when you try to log into IUCAT or another library resource from off campus without using VPN, you may see a login dialog box for a computer named bl-libg-doghill.ads.iu.edu. If you are security conscious, you may be suspicious of this login box.

It is appropriate to be wary of a login prompt from any server or system that seems unrelated to the service you are trying to access; UITS encourages such wariness for security reasons. However, in this specific case there is nothing to worry about. The computer bl-libg-doghill.ads.iu.edu is a legitimate server set up by the IU Libraries. It functions as a proxy server that authenticates users connecting from off campus. Therefore, logging into it is safe.

This information is specific to bl-libg-doghill only, which is a unique setup. Be wary of all other situations where a login dialog appears to have nothing to do with the service you're accessing. Most login dialog boxes identify the system they pertain to, and most web login pages either do the same or, here at Indiana University, redirect to the Central Authentication System (CAS) page, which is associated with IU resources. When you see a login page or dialog box that isn't clearly part of the system you wish to access, check with the appropriate support service or administrator to make sure everything's okay before logging in.

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