ARCHIVED: In Oncourse, how do I preview a portfolio form?

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Oncourse is retired. For details, see ARCHIVED: About the Oncourse retirement.
To complete these procedures, you must be assigned a role having the necessary permissions. If you're not sure what your role is, see the "Role" column in the Roster tool. For permissions, see ARCHIVED: What can I do in read-only Oncourse?

Before adding a form to a matrix cell, you can preview the form to make sure it's appropriate for your intended purpose:

  • Method One: This method works for forms listed in the Forms tool in your portfolio site, including hidden forms. However, it cannot be used to preview global forms, i.e., forms that the portfolio administrator has made available to all users.
    1. Go to the site containing the form you wish to preview.
    2. From the menubar, click Forms to open the Forms tool.
    3. On the "Manage Forms" page, locate the form you wish to preview, and click Edit.
    4. On the "Edit Form" page, click Preview. An empty version of the form will appear.
    5. To test the form, enter sample data in each field and click Validate. To return to the "Edit Form" page, click Return.
    6. Click Save Changes or Cancel to return to the "Manage Forms" page.
  • Method Two: This method works for global forms, but it cannot be used to preview hidden forms.
    1. Go to My Workspace.
    2. In the menubar, click Resources to open the Resources tool.
    3. Open the Add menu next to any folder, and choose New Form Item.
    4. All of the forms to which you have access (except hidden forms) will be listed on the "Select a Form" page. Forms are organized into groups by site (the site where the form actually resides) and then alphabetically by form name. Select the form you wish to preview, and click Continue. An empty version of the form will appear.
    5. Click Back to return to the list and preview another form, or click Cancel to return to Resources in My Workspace.

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