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All computer systems experience occasional unplanned outages. By taking a few minutes to prepare, you can continue to communicate with your site participants, and even access site content during an outage.

  • At the beginning of the semester, you can export your roster to a .csv file and import it into an Excel spreadsheet, so you will have all of your participants' email addresses available; see Get a copy of your class roster. You can also copy all of your participants' email addresses into a text file so you'll have a handy list to use during an outage.

    If you plan to export and maintain local offline copies of any student information (including but not limited to names, University ID numbers, or grades), you are responsible for taking adequate security measures to handle and safeguard such data, as it remains sensitive university data.

    For more, see Protecting Data & Privacy.

    For more on handling sensitive data, see:

  • Throughout the semester you may export copies of your course for offline viewing. While you can't interact with the course content (for example, students can't take quizzes, and instructors can't view submissions), material that doesn't require internet access (like reading materials) may be accessible. For instructions, see How do I view course content offline as an ePub file as an instructor?
    The ability to download courses for offline viewing is available on a course-by-course basis. If you are a student attempting to download content but the option isn't available, contact your instructor.
  • You can store your course material (for example, Microsoft PowerPoint lectures, homework assignments, readings) on another server, such as Sitehost, and link to those materials from your Canvas course site. During a Canvas outage, you will still be able to access your lectures, and students will still be able to access the course materials they need. For more, see About Sitehost accounts.

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