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Webserve is scheduled for retirement on December 23, 2019, and will be replaced by IU Sitehosting. All sites hosted on Webserve must be migrated to IU Sitehosting by that date or content will be inaccessible.

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At Indiana University, the central web server, Webserve, provides all campuses with a place to publish information.

University-affiliated departments, groups, and organizations

Any IU university-affiliated department, group, or organization can request a Webserve account for the purpose of publishing information about the services they offer to the IU community.

Student groups

Student groups who wish to use Webserve to publish university-related material may do so as long as the owner is a full-time staff/faculty member who is ultimately responsible for the account and its use. For more about student organization computing accounts, see Computing accounts for IUB and IUPUI student organizations.

Professional organizations

Professional organizations may request central server web accounts provided that the group is directly related to the business of the University and 50% of the group's members are IU faculty or staff.

Professional organization computing accounts are for the sole and exclusive use of the IU organization and its designated members, and may not be used for or by other organizations or individuals not affiliated with IU.

Get an account

Service and account requests must come from the individual account owner, not an account contact or group account ID.

To request an account on Webserve (www.indiana.edu, www.iupui.edu, www.iun.edu, www.iue.edu, www.iuk.edu, or www.iufw.edu):

  1. Request a departmental or group account; see About IU computing accounts for groups or departments.
  2. After creating a departmental or group account, and creating an email account or setting email forwarding for it, apply for a Webserve account using the Enterprise WebTech Services Management form. If prompted, log in with your IU username and passphrase.
If you are affiliated with IU and want to create a personal home page, see About Mercury/Pages.

Restrictions on account content and usage

The information distributed from a Webserve account must be related to the individual's, department's, or student group's role within the university (for example, departmental information, a faculty member's research or instructional information). Specifically, these accounts are not to be used for information such as the kind often found on personal home pages (for example, hobbies, family information, favorite entertainment links).

Webserve accounts are for information distribution, and not for general purpose computing (for example, reading personal mail, compiling programs). Use of these accounts must also be in accordance with the terms outlined by the University Information Policy Office (UIPO).

Cost for an account

See Webserve and MySQL disk space quota.

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