Make a phone call using UniCom Skype for Business/Lync

Use Microsoft Skype for Business/Lync to access Indiana University's UniCom service.

IU faculty and staff members can use either their desk phones or the Skype for Business/Lync client to make phone calls. If you use UniCom Basic, you can make PC-to-PC calls to other UniCom users with the client, but you can't call off-campus numbers.

When you make a call from the Skype for Business/Lync client, you can either enter the phone number, or search for the person you want to call by name or username. The client will find matches from the IU Global Address List (GAL) and your personal Outlook Contact list (if Outlook is running).

In Windows, if you have a USB phone plugged into your computer and set up as your primary calling device, and you initiate a call from within the Skype for Business client instead of dialing on the phone, your phone will ring to alert you to pick up the handset as it makes the call.

When calling by number, dial as follows:

  • On-campus calls (IUB and IUPUI): To call any number on the IUB or IUPUI campus, dial only the last five digits (for example, 5-XXXX, 6-XXXX, 7-XXXX, 8-XXXX, or 4-XXXX).
  • On-campus calls (regional campuses): To call a number on your campus, dial only the last four digits. To call a number on another IU campus, dial the area code plus the seven-digit number. Do not dial 9 before the number.
  • Off-campus local calls: To call a local off-campus number, dial the area code plus the seven-digit number. Do not dial 9 before the number.
  • Direct dial long distance calls: To make a long distance call to an area code in the US, Canada, or another nation or US territory in the North American Numbering Plan (NANP), dial the area code plus the seven-digit number. Do not dial 9 before the number.
  • International calls: To make a long distance call to a nation outside the NANP, dial 011 plus the international number. (You may see the numbers 256 before the 011 on your display.) Do not dial 9 before the number. When you hear the stutter dial tone, enter your Authorization Code.

You can enter your Authorization Code (or numbers for a voice menu) using either your computer keyboard or your phone; in the Skype for Business/Lync conversation window, you can also copy and paste numbers into the dial pad. In Skype for Business on Mac, click the phone icon (  The dial pad icon in Skype for Business on Mac ) to display the dial pad; in Lync for Mac, click the dial pad icon ( The dial pad icon in Lync for Mac 2011 ). (In the Windows client, the dial pad should display automatically when you reach an international number.)

To block caller ID on outgoing calls, dial *67 before the number. For on-campus calls, you must then dial the 10-digit number, as if you were calling an off-campus number (for example, *67-812-855-XXXX).

For an introduction to UniCom, including how-to PDFs and videos, see UniCom.

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