Slate-Project high performance storage system: Terms of service

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Last updated: July 1, 2019

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1. Overview

1.1 General

  • The Slate-Project high performance storage system is Indiana University's project-focused implementation of Lustre.
  • This document provides guidelines for the use of Slate-Project, which apply to all Project Users and the Service Provider.
  • This document is subject to change and may be modified at any time by UITS Research Technologies (UITS-RT).
  • Communication will be sent to all Project Users when modifications to this document are made.
  • If Project Users fail to operate within the guidelines of the terms of service, access to Slate-Project may be revoked.

1.2 Terms and definitions

  • Slate-Project: The Slate-Project file system
  • Project Users: All users of Slate-Project, both Project Owner(s) and Project Members; Project Users must agree to the terms outlined in this document
  • Project Owner: Slate-Project Project Space requester; considered by UITS-RT as the Project Owner and a Project Member
  • Project Member: An individual who has requested access to a Project Space that has been authorized by the Project Owner
  • Service Provider: The High Performance File Systems (HPFS) group of UITS-RT that manages and provides support for Slate-Project
  • Project Space: A directory created by the Service Provider for use by Project Users within Slate-Project; Project Spaces will have the following naming convention: /N/project/PROJECTNAME
  • No Cost Allocation: The first 15 tebibyte (TiB) of each project; 1 TiB is equal to 240 (1,099,511,627,776) bytes
  • Billable Allocation: The Total Allocation minus the No Cost Allocation
  • Total Allocation: The capacity reserve for a Project Space
  • Subscription Service Agreement (SSA): A document that defines a Billable Allocation, provides an estimate of any monthly charges, and requires Project Users to read and agree to these terms of service before signing.

2. Service description

2.1 Slate-Project

  • Slate-Project provides high performance persistent storage to users of IU's research supercomputers.
  • Slate-Project is a shared resource, serving various types of users, designed to be used for computational activity on high performance computing systems.
  • Project Spaces are storage allocations created upon request and are primarily intended to support collaborative use for multiple Project Users.
  • Slate-Project is operated and maintained by the Service Provider.
  • With the exception of scheduled maintenance, Slate-Project is generally available 24x7.
  • Slate-Project participates in the scheduled UITS-RT maintenance window from 7am to 7pm US/Eastern time zone, on the second Sunday of the month. Slate-Project will typically be unavailable during the maintenance period.
  • If Slate-Project requires extended maintenance or unplanned emergency maintenance, notifications are posted to Status.IU.
  • Slate-Project is not backed up by the Service Provider in any way, shape, or form.

3. Roles and responsibilities

3.1 Project Users

  • Project Users are not allowed to store all data classified as "IU Critical"; only the subset of critical data elements that satisfy the definition of PHI may be stored on Slate-Project.
  • Project Users are allowed to store sensitive data, such as electronic protected health information (ePHI or HIPAA-protected data), on Slate-Project in accordance with the following guidelines:
  • Project Users will monitor and respond to email sent to their primary IU email address for official communications from UITS-RT about their Project Space.
  • Project Users are responsible for their use of all UITS resources under Appropriate Use of Information Technology Resources (IT-01). Specifically, as regards the use of Slate-Project, Project Users must not store data that is illegal or protected under state and/or federal regulations. If a Project User becomes aware of data having been stored on Slate-Project that violates this provision, that person shall contact
  • Project Users acknowledge and agree that if a catastrophic disaster occurs, resulting in complete data loss, Project Space files will not be recoverable by the Service Provider. Project Users are responsible for backing up and/or archiving their data.. Slate-Project is not backed up nor archived by the Service Provider. Information about the IU Scholarly Data Archive, which Project Users can use to archive their data, can be found here: About the Scholarly Data Archive (SDA) at Indiana University.
  • Because Slate-Project relies on group quota, Project Users agree to maintain the following permissions and group ownership:
    • Group ownership of files and directories will be the Unix Group ID (GID) associated with the Project Space.
    • All files and directories in the Project Space that do not have the correct GID will be administratively changed by the Service Provider, and notifications will be sent to the Project Member owning the data, as well as to the Project Owner.
    • All Project Users share in the responsibility to ensure that all data contained within the Project Space has the correct GID ownership.

3.2 Project Owners

  • Accept any financial responsibility for charges incurred for the Billable Allocation
  • Are considered account holders; by requesting access for additional Project Members, the Project Owner is granting permission for those Project Members to use Project Space that has been allocated to the Project Owner
  • Are responsible for the administration of data contained within the requested Project Space
  • Are responsible for authorizing and revoking Project Member access to the Project Space
  • Have the right to request that UITS-RT administratively change and/or grant permissions to allow read-write access to project data contained within the Project Space that is inaccessible to the Project Owner or that has been abandoned by former Project Users
  • If a Project Owner separates from the university and does not specify a successor, the Service Provider will discontinue access to the Project Space until such time that a Project Owner is designated according to Privacy of Electronic Information and Information Technology Resources (IT-07). A new SSA will need to be completed once a new Project Owner is designated.
  • A change in Project Owner will require a new SSA to be signed.

3.3 Project Members

  • Project Members agree to grant read-write access to the Project Owner for all data in the Project Owner's Project Space that has been assigned the Project Member's User ID (UID) throughout the lifetime of the data's existence in the Project Owner's Project Space.
  • If at any time a Project Member's data in the Project Owner's Project Space become inaccessible to the Project Owner, the Service Provider may, at the Project Owner's request, administratively grant the Project Owner read-write access to said data.
  • At the Project Owner's discretion, Project Members may be granted full access to all project data, including the ability to remove other individual's data inside the Project Space.
  • Acknowledgment of this agreement by the Project Member fulfills the "Permission granted by owner" requirement for access described in Procedure 1, section A of Privacy of Electronic Information and Information Technology Resources (IT-07).
  • Project Members can request a copy of data that has been assigned their User ID (UID) if the Project Member becomes separated from the Project Space. The Service Provider will make a best effort to fulfill the request.

3.4 Service Provider

  • The Service Provider will administer the Slate-Project system using best practices for security, performance, and availability. In particular, strict adherence to the privacy provisions outlined in Privacy of Electronic Information and Information Technology Resources (IT-07) will be maintained as it is on all UITS systems.
  • The Service Provider will monitor all email to the address for all operational communication from Project Owners and Project Members concerning the Slate-Project storage system and their use of the service.
  • The Service Provider will provide support to Slate-Project Users on UITS-RT's recommended tool set for the storage and access of Project Space data.
  • The Service Provider reserves the right to suspend a Project User's access to the Project Space in Slate-Project in the following non-exhaustive circumstances:
    • As required by law or regulation
    • As the Service Provider determines in its sole discretion is necessary to protect Slate-Project from unauthorized access or damage to its content
    • As the Service Provider determines in its sole discretion that the Project User's use of Slate-Project is illegal, infringes upon the intellectual property rights of a third party, or otherwise violates the restrictions, representations, or warranties herein
    • As the Service Provider determines in its sole discretion that the Project User's use of Slate-Project may subject Indiana University to civil or criminal liability
    • For the purpose of Emergency Problem Resolution as defined in section 4.a. of Privacy of Electronic Information and Information Technology Resources (IT-07).

4. Data purge

  • There is no regular automated purge of Slate-Project. In the case of projects that are solely No Cost Allocations, UITS-RT may request a report on the Project Owner's use of the system and a list of work products (such as papers, presentations, and/or software published). If the Project Owner ignores these requests, the Service Provider reserves the right to begin account termination.
  • When a Project User's account is disabled by UITS, the Project User's data residing on Slate-Project will be removed by the Service Provider after 180 consecutive days of account deactivation.
  • All active Project Members in a Slate-Project project will be notified via email when a Project Member's account becomes disabled or when a Project Member is removed from the Slate-Project project. All data owned by the disabled Project Member will be identified in that notification.

5. Hours of support

  • The Service Provider will monitor all email to the address for all operational communication Monday through Friday, 8am-5pm, with the exception of university holidays.
  • The Service Provider will respond to email inquiries within one business day.
  • During unexpected services outages, the Service Provider will work after business hours to the best of their ability to restore service.

6. Billable Allocations


  • The Service Provider will evaluate requests for Billable Allocations and has the option to refuse requests.
  • Final approval by the Project Owner's fiscal officer will be required before the Billable Allocation is available for use on Slate-Project.
  • The Billable Allocation term begins the on the first of the month, after the following events:
    • The SSA is signed and accepted
    • Approval by the Project Owner's fiscal officer
    • The Billable Allocation is available for use on Slate-Project


  • Billing is calculated on the first of the month, for that month, based on the published rate for Slate-Project Space and the Billable Allocation.
    • Billable Allocation multiplied by the Published Rate results in the amount the Project Owner will be billed monthly.
  • The published rates for Slate-Project space can be found here: Rates for UITS services.
  • The Project Owner and the Project Owner's Fiscal Officer will be notified in email of all rate changes.


  • Billing will occur after each month, thus in arrears for a single month's Billable Allocation, unless there are extenuating circumstances.


  • The Service Provider will bill via the university ID billing system.


  • To increase, decrease, or terminate the size of a Billable Allocation, a request must be sent to from the Project Owner.
  • Increases and decreases to the size of a Billable Allocation are subject to the Approval (6.1) and Calculation (6.2) sections above, and will require a new SSA to be signed.


  • All Project Users and the associated Fiscal Officer will be contacted in the event of non-payment.
  • Non-payment for a given Billable Allocation will result in a suspension of all access to the associated Project Space.
  • Project Spaces that have been in suspension for 180 days will be eligible for termination and immediate data removal.


  • Requests to terminate a Billable Allocation should be sent to from the Project Owner.
  • Termination notifications will be sent to all Project Members and the Fiscal Officer from
  • Access to Slate-Project project data will be revoked for all Project Members 30 days after processed termination.
  • The final billing will occur at the beginning of the month, following an accepted termination request.
  • All project data will be deleted 180 days after project termination.

7. Service retirement

  • UITS-RT reserves the right to retire the system at the end of the system's life cycle. Project Users will be provided at least 180 days' notice before any decommissioning.

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