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Enterprise Web Technical Services (WebTech) is the central account management service for all accounts related to Sitehost. At this site, full-time faculty and staff can perform account management tasks for Sitehost, including account creation and removal, virtual host requests, MySQL for Sitehost requests, and management of proxies and contacts for sites.

The front page has links to common tasks for Sitehost.

Manage accounts

To access account management features, from Enterprise Web Technical Services, click Manage your Sitehost account. On the "Your Accounts" page, you will see a listing of all the group accounts you own, along with whether they have Sitehost, Virtual Hosts, or other services associated with them. If you own several group accounts, you may filter group accounts by name using the filter field above the list of accounts. All Sitehost services must be tied to a group account.

To manage the services associated with an account, click the Account details link associated with the account.

Group Account page

The "Group Account" page provides you with a comprehensive overview of the services attached to your account:

  • Account Details: The "Account Details" box displays your group account information as it was entered when you requested the group account. This information is not editable within the WebTech site. For more about group accounts, see About IU computing accounts for groups or departments.
  • Access: The "Access" box displays all users who will need administrative access to, or information about, the account. Levels of access to Sitehost accounts are broken down into three categories:
    • Proxy: Users with proxy-level access are considered to have full permissions by the owner of the account to act on their behalf for all purposes on Sitehost, including account creation, removal, virtual hosts requests, and other services.
    • Developer: Users with developer-level access are granted the ability to access a group account only via SSH key. Use this level of access if you have multiple developers or a third-party developer and do not want to share the group account credentials with them.

      For more about connecting via SSH keys on the Sitehost environment, see Generate and use SSH keys with Sitehost.

    • Contact: The "Contact" level of access is a special case; it does not grant actual access to the account. Instead, users in the "Contact"" field are considered to be supplementary technical contacts for a site and will receive emails related to the maintenance of the site and the service.

      Users in the "Contact" field can be group accounts.

  • Sitehost: The "Sitehost" details box provides you information about your Sitehost account, including its status and the purpose you stated when you created the account. You also are presented with an option to disable or retire the account.
    • If you do not have a Sitehost account, you will instead be presented with a button to create an account.
    • You can select the PHP version running on your Sitehost account from the Selection drop-down menu.

      PHP versions 8.1, 8.2, and 8.3 are available on Sitehost.

      You may have to wait from 30 to 60 minutes for changes to be reflected on the server when switching between PHP versions.
  • MySQL: The "MySQL" details box provides you with status information about MySQL for Sitehost. You may manage your account here. If you do not have one, you will have the option instead to create the account. You cannot create a MySQL account if you do not first have an Sitehost account; see About MySQL for Sitehost.
  • Virtual Hosts: The "Virtual Hosts" box provides you with information about the virtual hosts and aliases that are associated with the relevant Sitehost account. You have the option to request additional virtual hosts be created or moved using the View virtual hosts button. You may not request virtual hosts unless you have an Sitehost account; see Request a virtual host for Sitehost.

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