About IU Alumni Association email accounts (members only)

As a former student or alumnus, you will not have access to your IU-administered email account; these email accounts are disabled with the rest of your university accounts. However, the IU Alumni Association (IUAA) offers members a web-based email client hosted by Microsoft Office 365. Or, if you graduate in May 2018 or later, you'll have an IU Alumni Gmail account hosted by Google. Members of the IUAA have access to a professional email address (username@alumni.iu.edu) for resumes, social networking, or to highlight their affiliation with IU. See Alumni Email Account.


Former students or alumni who separated from IU before March 11, 2018, will retain access to their Umail accounts.

Imail accounts are not disabled. However, in preparation for the Imail retirement, no new Imail accounts are being created. For more, see About Imail at IU.

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