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The Indiana University Alumni Email Service, available to anyone with an active status in an IU Alumni Association (IUAA) member program, is one benefit of joining the IUAA. An alumni email account lets you continue to use an IU-sponsored email address while helping you stay engaged with IU.

You can get an Alumni Email Service account even if you already have a personal Gmail account; the two accounts will not conflict.

Your alumni email account will remain active as long as you maintain an active status with one of the IUAA member programs. You can maintain your status in the IU Proud member program by updating your contact information once a year. If you sign up for an alumni email account, you may receive more email messages from the university than you do currently, but the IUAA honors requests to limit communications and solicitations.

Your email address

If you wish, you can use your IU student username (if available) as your alumni email username. If you don't remember your IU username, or didn't have one, you can generate a new one; you can also request an alias if a life event requires a change of username.

For help, email crmson@iu.edu or call 812-856-2746.

Set up your account

Create an account

Sign up for the IU Proud member program to create your alumni email account.

Access your account

When you sign up for an alumni email address, you'll receive an email message at your alternative email address with instructions for accessing the alumni email service. For help, email crmson@iu.edu or call 812-856-2746.

Go to http://mail.alumni.iu.edu, and then enter your username and password.

Set a password

If you have updated your account with alternative contact information (specifically, with an alternative email address), click Forgot Password? on the G Suite login page. For help, email crmson@iu.edu or call 812-856-2746.

Set up two-factor authentication

To set up two-factor authentication on your Gmail account, see the instructions at Turn on 2-Step Verification.

Maintain your alumni email account

Reset your password

If you have updated your account with alternative contact information (specifically, with an alternative email address for password recovery), go to http://mail.alumni.iu.edu, click Sign In, and click Forgot Password? For help, email crmson@iu.edu or call 812-856-2746.

Change your alumni email username

If a life event requires a change to your username, you can request an alias.

If you have your student IU email account forwarded to your alumni account, the IUAA can't delete your old alumni email address/alias, because this would break your email forwarding. Your IU login (ADS) expires two semesters after you graduate; this prevents you from updating the forwarding of your student IU email address.

To change your alumni email username on a Gmail address, email crmson@iu.edu or call 812-856-2746.

Forward your email to another account

Email forwarding is an option with the Alumni Email Service. Search the help topics for instructions about email forwarding.

Transfer your content to your alumni email account

To move content from your student Gmail account to the Alumni G Suite, see the instructions for students.

IU email accounts are not accessible after they've been inactivated, which happens two semesters after you graduate (including summer term). If your account is inactive, you cannot retrieve messages from your IU email account. However, if your IU email account is still active, you can forward that email to another account; for instructions, see Forward your IU email.

Set your IU email address to deliver to your IUAA email account

Your Alumni Gmail email address is username@alumni.iu.edu. If you would like to continue using your campus email address (for example, username@iupui.edu, username@indiana.edu) and/or your username@iu.edu address after you graduate, you can change your mail forwarding settings so that mail sent to these addresses is delivered to your Alumni Gmail inbox. UITS encourages you to set your forwarding to go to your alumni account, as mail will not be delivered to your student email account (Gmail at IU) indefinitely. To adjust your mail delivery settings, go to Manage Your Email.

Security and privacy issues

The University Information Policy Office (UIPO) maintains a number of policies regarding the use and misuse of Indiana University's computing resources; for more, see Avoid getting in trouble with email.

For more about the privacy of your personal data, see Privacy information for Google at IU accounts.

Get help

The Alumni Association cannot provide device-specific support to help you set up your alumni email account on your computer or mobile device. To learn about setting up a Gmail account on your computer or mobile device, search the help topics at https://gsuite.google.com/.

Learn more

The Alumni Email Service does not enable access to IU systems, but some IU resources are made available as benefits of IUAA member programs. To learn more about the benefits of IUAA member programs, email iuaamemb@indiana.edu or visit Alumni Association Member Benefits.

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