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Indiana University has an agreement with Turning Technologies to facilitate the use of Turning Technologies products on any IU campus. This agreement provides instructors with the ability to use a student response system in any of their courses, and it does not require specific textbook adoption. Instructors may also choose to bundle clickers with textbooks.

Turning Technologies products include a radio frequency (RF) receiver that can connect to any computer (either Windows or Mac OS X), ResponseCards (clickers) and web-based licenses owned and registered by students, and a software package that allows an instructor to ask questions and gather responses from students. Typically, an instructor poses a question or problem to the class, students enter their answers using their clickers or web-enabled devices, and the answers are summarized and displayed on the computer screen (and, with a projector, to the entire class). For more information about Turning Technologies, visit Turning Technologies' Higher Education page.

Faculty and staff are free to use whatever product they choose in their classes, but formal integration into Canvas will be exclusively with Turning Technologies. UITS will support users to the extent that resources permit, but will provide more formalized support for the Turning Technologies products.

IU faculty who choose to adopt the Turning Technologies product will be provided, at no cost, with a USB receiver, a PresenterCard, and one demo clicker. Software will also be provided at no charge. Students can purchase clickers or web licenses from campus bookstores or online from the Turning Technologies store. See ARCHIVED: Options for student response devices.

TurningPoint 5 is no longer available for managing student polling data with Turning Technologies. Instructors should use ARCHIVED: TurningPoint Cloud instead.

If you are an instructor and would like more information about using student response systems in your classes, contact your campus teaching and learning center.

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