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These Terms of Use apply to all contributors, approvers, publishers, and managers of the Indiana University Web Content Management System (WCMS) service.

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Purpose of Terms of Use

IU expects the WCMS and related information technology resources will be used in a lawful manner and in support of the university's mission of research and creative activity, teaching and learning, and civic engagement.

Terms of Use

Unless otherwise specified in these Terms of Use or other university policies, use of the WCMS is restricted to purposes related to the university's mission of research and creative activity, teaching and learning, and civic engagement. Eligible individuals are provided access in order to support their studies, instruction, duties as employees, official business with the university, and other university-sanctioned activities.

WCMS accounts are provided to individuals with university accounts that authenticate through IU Login. The WCMS Administrators require unique user identification when accessing the WCMS and its related applications. Group accounts may not be used for authentication and access. Unique user identification is required for auditing, security, and HIPAA requirements. Individuals may not share with or transfer their university accounts to others including network IDs, passwords, or other access codes that allow them to gain access to the WCMS.

The WCMS may not be used in a manner that violates the law, for private commercial activities that are not approved by the university, for personal private gain, or for political campaigning and similar activities that are inconsistent with the university's tax-exempt status.

Data storage

Only Public and University-Internal data are suitable to be stored in the WCMS. Restricted and Critical data cannot be stored in the WCMS. For definitions of Public, University-Internal, Restricted, and Critical data, see Classification levels of institutional data. In addition, federally and state-protected data, human subjects research data, passwords, and protected health information cannot be stored in the WCMS. For more about protected health information, see About protected health information (PHI). For more about data classifications, see About sensitive data at IU.

Web hosting

Only web hosting environments approved by IU may be used for published content. The WCMS Administrators recommend IU's free web hosting solution, Sitehost. For more about Sitehost, see Enterprise Web Technical Services.

Acquiring and publishing to an Sitehost account is the responsibility of the school, department, division, or unit. Procuring, securing, and maintaining a departmental web server is the department's responsibility.

Group name change

The Web Content Management System, Cascade CMS, does not allow users to change group names. Site Managers can create a new group with the desired name and delete the old group. To request the deletion of manager groups, email Web Services Support at sct2@iu.edu.

Site names

Site names exist for the WCMS Administrators to locate and organize sites. Site names follow a naming convention of Campus-Organization-Department.siteName (for example, BL-COLLEGE-PSY.tomlab). Site Managers may request a site name change. However, if a site name is changed, access rights for all assets will be reset to the default state. It is the responsibility of the Site Manager to recreate groups and assign them to the appropriate assets.

Web standards

Sites within the WCMS must meet IU Brand Guidelines for electronic media. They must also meet accessibility, visual design, content, and navigation guidelines outlined by the IU Web Style Guide.

Web domains

Requesting a departmental domain, subdomain, or designer domain name is the responsibility of the school, department, division, or unit.

Web Services

Web Services should not be used for publishing. Possible exceptions should be evaluated by WCMS Administrators. The WCMS team does not provide development support for custom Web Services applications. Use of Web Services API Keys instead of a Web Services user is preferred whenever possible.


IU will handle reports of misuse or abuse of information and the WCMS in accordance with existing policies and procedures issued by appropriate authorities. Depending on the individual and circumstances involved, this could include the offices of Human Resources, Vice Provost or Vice Chancellor of Faculties (or campus equivalent), Dean of Students (or campus equivalent), Office of the General Counsel, and/or appropriate law enforcement agencies. For more, see Misuse and Abuse of Information Technology Resources (IT-02).

Failure to comply with the WCMS Terms of Use may result in sanctions relating to the individual's use of the WCMS (such as suspension or termination of access, removal of online material, or disabling of the individual's WCMS site). WCMS Administrators are authorized to define violations of and enforce the Terms of Use. For more, see Appropriate Use of Information Technology Resources (IT-01).

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