WCMS policies

At Indiana University, the following policies govern use of the WCMS (Web Content Management System):

  • The Web Content Management System, Cascade CMS, does not allow users to change group names. WCMS Administrators will no longer change group names using external tools. Site Managers can create a new group with the desired name and delete the old group.
  • Site names exist for the WCMS Administrators to locate and organize sites. Site names follow a naming convention of Campus-Organization-Department.siteName (for example, BL-COLLEGE-PSY.tomlab). Site Managers may request a site name change. However, access rights (ACLs) for all assets will be reset to the default state. It is the responsibility of the Site Manager to recreate ACLs and groups.
  • Only Public and University-internal data are suitable to be stored in the WCMS. Restricted and Critical data cannot be stored in the WCMS. For definitions of Public, University-internal, Restricted, and Critical data, see Classification levels of institutional data. In addition, federally and state protected data, human subjects research data, and passwords cannot be stored in the WCMS. For more about data classifications, see About sensitive data at IU.
  • Faculty and staff at schools, departments, divisions, or units on any campus may use the WCMS to publish a website related to IU's mission, work, or research.
  • Student groups may publish websites with appropriate oversight of an administrative sponsor (faculty or staff).
  • Site content must adhere to University-wide IT policies established by the University Information Policy Office (UIPO).
  • Site must meet IU Brand Guidelines for electronic media.
  • Site must meet accessibility, visual design, content, and navigation guidelines outlined by IU Brand Guidelines for websites.
  • Acquiring an IU Sitehosting account is the responsibility of the school, department, division, or unit.
  • Publishing to IU Sitehosting is the responsibility of the school, department, division, or unit.
  • Procuring, securing, and maintaining a departmental web server is the department's responsibility.
  • Requesting a departmental domain, sub-domain, or designer domain name is the responsibility of the school, department, division, or unit.

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