Request a username change for your UITS computing accounts


You can change your IU username if your name has changed in the official university databases. (If your name has changed, make sure to first register the change with the Office of the Registrar or IU Human Resources.) UITS may also allow username changes for cases in which a commonly derived username poses potential danger to the user and/or the combination of characters in a username results in an objectionable name or term.

If you need to change your username, send a request to the Accounts Administration team, including:

  • Your primary name
  • Your preferred name (if different from your primary name)
  • Your present username
  • Three suggested, unique new usernames, in order of preference

    Your new username must meet the following conditions:

    • It must be three to eight characters in length.
    • It must still be based on your last name, except for cases of harassment, for which special rules apply.

Your request will be processed based on the availability of the requested names. Account administrators will contact you regarding the availability of the usernames you requested, and to schedule the change. Account renames may be scheduled to process on weekdays between 8am and 5pm. You must be logged out of all IT resources for about an hour while the change is being processed.

UITS will forward mail from the old address to the new address for 30 days; however, it is your responsibility to notify people and groups of your username change, especially if you are on any mailing lists for classes or work.

Notes for those using Imail:
  • UITS account administrators cannot migrate the contents of your existing Imail accounts. Once your new username is established, you will only be able to access the mail sent to your old username via the Imail vendor portal using your vendor password. For more about logging into the vendor portal, see Accessing Imail.
  • You will need to notify those who send you mail of your new username; UITS account administrators cannot set forwarding rules within an Imail account. UITS recommends that you access your existing Imail account via the vendor portal and use the vendors' tools to forward incoming messages to your new email address.

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