After changing your IU email address, update IU List mailing lists that you subscribe to or sponsor

If you subscribe to or sponsor any IU List mailing lists, before you change your Indiana University email address you should verify your IU List password by logging into the service. If you do not have an IU List login, create one; see About IU List. If necessary, you can reset your IU List password; see Set, change, or reset your IU List password

After you have changed your email address (see Avoid service interruptions when changing the primary email address for a personal or group computing account at IU and Change your primary email address and set delivery for your email addresses), you can update your address with IU List:

  1. Log into any campus IU List website, using your old email address and IU List password:
    Campus IU List web interface
    IU Bloomington
    IU East
    IU Kokomo
    IU Northwest
    IU South Bend
    IU Southeast
  2. In the center of the top bar, click Your preferences.
  3. Under "Changing your email address", enter your new email address and then click Change Email.
  4. A message will be sent to your new email account, with a link to confirm the change. Click the link in the email message. IU List will automatically update your email address in all subscriptions, list ownerships, and moderator settings, for all campus domains.
If you have forgotten your IU List password, but you already have changed to your new email address, and your old email account doesn't redirect to the new one, you will not be able to update your email address automatically through IU List. Contact your campus Support Center.

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