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IU has contracts with the three main public cloud platforms, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure. They offer hyper-scale computing resources on demand. While those services are not free beyond limited trial usage, each vendor provides support for research in the form of credits and, in some cases, free consulting. The information here outlines what is available to IU faculty, how to take advantage of it through IU-sanctioned environments, and the kind of support available to help you choose what works best for your use case.

Each vendor has a slightly different process and guidelines for applying for research credits. The links below point to vendor documentation. If you have additional questions, email Cloud Technology Support.

Research credits are time-limited and can generally be requested only once per project. To ensure that you have the best opportunity to use your award before it expires, pay special attention to questions about when you will start your work when completing your application.

Some resources linked here may take you into the account interface for that cloud platform. Be sure to work in an account on IU's cloud contracts to take advantage of the listed support and benefits.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

AWS is a generous supporter of academic research and the advancement of science. This support takes the form of data sets, tools, consultation, and credits to pay for the use of the AWS computing platform.

Google Cloud

Google Cloud is generous in its support of research and teaching. The IU Google Cloud environment has safeguards in place to protect research workloads. For fast-track assistance with account setup, email Cloud Technology Support.

  • Datasets: Google Cloud Public Datasets are available to query directly, to use for developing machine learning models, for application development, or other uses.
  • Cloud Credits for Research: Google Cloud research grants start at $5,000, and higher grant amounts are possible with written justification. See Break through with research credits.
  • Research Consulting: To get connected to technical subject matter experts on Google Cloud to help with needs gathering, best practices, solutions architecture, and skill building, email Cloud Technology Support.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft's Azure cloud platform has a deep and flexible platform suitable for use in a wide variety of research use cases; see Microsoft Azure for research.

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