On IU List, how do I add or remove subscribers?

Only list owners can perform the actions described below.

Using the web interface

  1. Log into the campus IU List website for your list.
  2. Find the correct list on the left-side panel, and click Admin.
  3. Select the Manage Subscribers tab or link.

From here, a variety of options are available, including deleting users and adding users, dumping a list of users into a new window, or generating a list of pending subscriptions.

To bulk add subscribers, click Multiple add, and follow the format in the provided examples.

Some columns are selectable and will sort the subscriber display. Either the <<>> icon or Toggle Selection button can toggle the selection of all users on the page.

Using email commands

Send subscribe or unsubscribe commands to the campus IU List administrative address (i.e., list@campus.edu), as follows. You may include multiple lines, each with a different command, in a single message.

To add a user to the list:

  ADD listname user@host firstname lastname

To add a user to the list without notifying him or her:

  QUIET ADD listname user@host firstname lastname

To remove a user from the list:

  DELETE listname user@host

To remove a user from the list without notification:

  QUIET DELETE listname user@host

Most lists will require you to confirm this request, by sending a confirmation code back to your original email address. It is possible to disable this confirmation in the list configuration (if, for example, you use automated scripts to manage your list): Go to your list configuration screen via the web interface, and set the permission for "Who can add subscribers" to owner_noconfirm. This will weaken the security of your list.

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