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Before you begin

An IU List password is not necessary to log into IU List. Using the IU Credential Login button, log in with your IU username and passphrase. If you are not an eligible IU user, or need to log in with a non-primary address, you may log in with your email address and IU List password. IU Guest accounts need to use the IU List password login. For more about logging in, see About IU List.

If you need or wish to use an IU List password, at the IU List page for the relevant campus, click First login?, and then enter your email address. IU List will send you an email message; follow the directions in the message to create an IU List password.

IU List passwords must be at least eight characters in length, and contain at least one number and one letter.

Do not use your IU passphrase as your IU List password; doing so could compromise your information and other data on the IU network. You should only log into IU List using your IU credentials when presented with the CAS login screen.

Change your password

Log into IU List and click Your preferences. In the "Changing your password" section, select a new password and then click Submit.

Reset a forgotten password

From the IU List login screen, click Lost password?, and then enter your email address. An email message will be sent to that address, with a link allowing you to choose a new password.

Password policy

The password feature is only required for the web component of IU List, if you wish to use it. Important list options are not configurable over email, and most administrative email commands require an email response to an IU List confirmation message.

The IU List system will lock your account after a predetermined number of failed logins, as prevention against unauthorized attempts to control your lists. If this happens, you will need to follow the above sequence to reset your password; you can choose the same password again.

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