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Indiana University will be transitioning to a single email domain,, between now and the end of 2025. For more about the transition, see One Mail. For details about the impact to IU List specifically, see Changes to IU List from the One Mail initiative. For general actions you may need to take, see Prepare for One Mail at IU.

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You can view a log of your IU List mailing list's activity on the web interface. You can also get some limited data using email commands.

Only list owners can perform the actions described below.

Use the web interface

  1. Log into the campus IU List website for your list:
    Campus IU List web interface
    IU Bloomington
    IU Indianapolis
    IU Columbus
    IU East
    IU Kokomo
    IU Northwest
    IU South Bend
    IU Southeast
  2. Select My lists, and choose the name of a list.

  3. In the left pane, under "List Home", select Admin.
  4. Select Logs.

From here, you can search by specific message ID or by email address of subscriber.

To view all the logs of the list, leave all fields blank and select View. The list will show the IP address of the owner making a change, whether the change is successful, and the email address of the owner. Moderation requests and approvals and error messages for the list are viewable from this panel. Logs more than 30 days old may be periodically removed from the list.

To restrict your search to only certain types of events, use the drop-down menu under "Search by type"; for example, selecting List Management will show only changes to your list configuration and who made them, including the list administrator.

Use email commands

Using email, only very limited data is available. You can send the following command to the campus IU List administrative address (for example,

STATS listname

You will then receive via email a basic statistical readout, showing the number of messages sent and total bytes sent via that list. These simple statistics are enabled by default, and you can make multiple STATS requests in a single mailing.

  • When sending a single command, put it in the subject line of the message, and leave the body blank.

  • When sending multiple commands in a single email message:

    • Leave the subject line blank and put all the commands in the email body.
    • Put every command on a new line.
    • Send your message in plain text, not in HTML (no formatting).
    • Don't include anything in the body other than IU List commands; do not include a signature block.

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